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SnapDeal Hunter Monopod With Bluetooth Shutter Extendable Self Portraits Selfie Stick Handheld: Review

    I am not much of an online shopper but I have shopped a couple of times with for some electronic products and books and with Jabong and for apparels. Since I saw that has a lot of ads on various deals I thought of checking it out.

     So I wanted to buy a selfie stick (monopod) and a lot of varieties were available. Prices ranged from as low as 180 rupees to 1000 rupees. Since I thought the one with the lowest rate may be of an inferior quality, I ordered this selfie stick, Hunter Monopod with Bluetooth Shutter Extendable Self Potrait Selfie Stick Handheld which was worth Rs. 420. 

      The order got dispatched a day after I placed my order and since I currently live in Darjeeling, the delivery from SnapDeal may take quite sometime I guessed and evidently it took more than what I expected. It took about 12 days for the snapdeal monopod to get delivered here in Darjeeling. Well, first the delivery was sent by BlueDart courier services and I was actually not delievered my product. promises free shipment where my product is delievered in my house. My house in Darjeeling is located at a very prominent and accessible location in Darjeeling still the product from was not delievered to my house and I was given a call from BlueDart courier service where I had to pickup the monopod I ordered from their office which was a hassle. 

    Well, fine I am not complaining. Then when I got the monopod, I saw that it was not of a noteably good quality and resembled the one available at very cheap rates in Chinese market. Then after I used it for a couple times, later fater about 4 days it was unusable. I barely even held my phone 10 times in the monopod and the head of the monopod is loose and can't seem to hold my phone. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro which is not a big or a heavy phone. So, as referring to the quality of the monopod I ordered from, I am indeed very much disappointed.

     Then, I would go up on my blog actually reviewing this product but has actually had my email address when I placed my order and even since that day they have been spamming my email inbox. I understand occasional newsletter and promotional emails, but literally receiving mails everyday about their various products they want to sell and so many mails asking me to review and rate their product make me mad as well. 

     When one actually views the SnapDeal website, the product seems really nice and affordable but I suppose the company should make an effort to provide good quality products as well and yes, proper service when it comes to delivery of their product. If they want customer feedback, there are various ways of doing that and spamming their customer's email inbox isn't a way for customer feedback nor promotion.

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  1. Sir I received a damaged product from snapdeal please tell me can I replaced it and send me Customer Care Number also.


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