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Making Money Out of Your Photos - Other Than Stock Photography

Do you like taking lots of pictures? Do you have a camera and take lot of pictures from it? Well, you can use those photographs in your camera and photo to money making machines. So, learn how to make money out of your photos.

Well, stock photography is quite popular when it comes to making money from photos, by selling the copyright of your photos to company to use it in their websites, magazine and other contents. Websites like shutterstock and many other pays its users commission to use their photos and actually sell their photos. But, making money out of stock photography itself is quite a difficult task. So, here in this article I am going to teach you to making money and earn using photos other than stock photography.
Here are some of the way how you actually can earn money using your photos:
Redgage - Redgage is a social bookmarking site that pays you money for sharing photos, videos and links. It may actually be worth uploading images and photos in Redgage and you can actually earn some pretty good income from this site. Earnings are calculated according to the views your photos receive, which may be upto a dollar per 1000 views. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload here so go on uploading photos, interesting one, with interesting topics, descriptions and tags and earn some good money.
Triond's Picable - You can also upload photos in Triond and earn money. Well, the amount of money you can earn at Triond by photos maybe quite low but if you take it as a whole it is quite good. All you need is patience. Try uploading interesting cool pictures and make it more and more. The amount you get paid is low according to the views but there is no limit to how many photos you can upload. Just imagine you upload 10 photos a day, then that will make it 300 a month. I personally have photos that have received about 10,000 views in a single picture. So, if you take it as a long term plan, Picable is good too.
Shareapic - is another wonderful site of earn money online by uploading and sharing pictures. It pays $0.22 per 1000 views that you photos received. But again, you can upload as many photos at Shareapic as you want so use your photos abundantly and see how much views you actually get.

Zazzle - This is quite a unique and creative way of making money by photos. At Zazzle you can upload your photos and make cool designs out of it. You can use your photos in mugs, mousepads, decoration items, T-shirts and lots of stuffs and if the pictures and designs are really cool, you can have that for sale on an online store at Zazzle. You get a commission and then you actually earn money out of the photos you take by moulding them into cool creative designs.
Pictures in your Blogs and Articles - One may always underestimate this but using your photos and pictures in your blogs and online articles actually help you earn more money. Whenever you write a blog or an online article, try adding some col photos and pictures in it. This way your blog looks more interesting, and become more searched and visible in the search engine. Your pictures also makes its way to Google images giving it more visibility from the search engine. Hence, you end up getting more views and traffic, which in whole gives you more money.
IconZommer - This way of making money out of photos is quite a rare one. IconZoomer is a mobile app that is supported in iPhones and Android phones. Using this mobile app, you can actually earn lot of money with the help of the photographs in your phone. You're given tasks and topics on which you can upload photos so you just need to find the topic and take photos accordingly and upload it. After you're photo is upload and is approved, you earn credits for that which can be exchanged for money.

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