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How to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat?

As summers have arrived, it is very necessary to bring various changes in your diet and lifestyle so that one can cope up with the change in the season and protect oneself from the heat of the sun. Therefore, this article gives you various tips to bring changes so that one can protect himself from the heat of the sun this summer and live a healthy lifestyle.

As summers arrived, the heat may cause various damages to human health. Sun tan, rashes, dehyadration are few examples are severe effects that are caused by the intense heat during summers. Therefore, it is very necessary to take extra care to protect yourself from the severe heat this summer.

   Eating Habits during Summers:
  • Drink a lot of water and fluids. One should drink at least 2.5 litres of water everyday. Water cools the body, re-hydrates and protect the body from fluid loss.
  • Treat yourself with healthy desserts. Fruit custards, yogurt, salads, pies can be eaten as a treat and as a healthy food to protect yourself from the heat. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken frequently and heavy oily food should be avoided. Fruit juices must be taken.
  • Do not take excess of carbonated soft drinks. Instead replace carbonated drinks with other healthy drinks like fruit juices, buttered milk, fruit squash, lemonade, etc.
  • Include a green salad, fresh fruits and other raw vegetables a part of your daily meal. Cucumbers, carrots, melons can be mixed and made into salads which could be served with the meal.
Extra Care for your Hair during Summers:
  • One should shampoo the hair and have a proper wash everyday. Dirt and sweat gets trapped in the hair which should be washed.
  • Do not let hair gels and other hair product remain in your hair for more than 24 hours. Wash it properly during a wash.
  • A conditioner should also be used when possible as it nourishes your hair.
  • Do not exposure your hair to direct sun as this may  dry up your hair and make it rough. Wearing caps and hats in a fashionable accessory which also helps to protect your hair from the summer heat.
Some changes in your lifestyle to cope up with the summer heat:
  • Wear light cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are in fashion during summers which is safe, healthy and trendy as a wear. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics as it may cause skin rashes and also avoid clothes of dark colour as it absorbs heat. Fabrics of light material and light coloured are the best.
  • Always apply a sunscreen lotion in your face and exposed body parts whenever going out in the sun so as to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Carrying an umbrella and using it as a shade is also a very good idea.
  • Trendy and fashionable eye shades and sun glasses can be used to protect the eyes from the sun.
  • Use good deodorants during the starting of the day so as to avoid body odour due to sweating. Using wet tissues is a healthy way to deal with sweating and freshening up.
  • Avoid entering in and out of an air-conditioned room frequently. The sudden change in  temperature frequently may effect your body and result in internal injuries resulting in nose bleeding, etc.

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