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How to Get Someone Stop Drinking Alcohol

After someone is addicted to drinking alcohol, it is difficult to help him stop from continuing this addiction towards alcohol. This article may guide you to help someone who is addicted to alcohol and help stop drinking alcohol to get away from this bad habit. The guidelines should be followed upon the alcoholic so that his health may improve and as well the health may not decline as over consumption of alcohol.

Giving up alcohol and liquor is indeed a very challenging task. It is said that once an alcoholic is addicted to consuming alcohol, he gets into a very emotional connection with alcohol itself, and is very difficult to get him out from it. If you want to help someone stop from drinking alcohol, a good communication with the alcoholic is very important with some more essential steps to carry out.

    Following are some brief points to follow to help someone from getting away from alcohol addiction:
  • The first step to take is to personally meet the person whom you want to help. The meeting should be a personal meeting, a private one and not the ones in a social gathering or the one accompanied by friends. This way one could talk privately with the alcoholic and could help to focus on the subject of the conversation. Well, make sure the man whom you are talking to is completely sober and not drunk. It would be a complete waste of time if the man whom you are having a conversation about stopping alcohol, is drunk under the effect of alcohol.
  • The following step would be to figure out the reason why the alcoholic drinks. Asking questions would be the best way to know this, though it would be embarrasing and awkward to both of them, asking such questions and replying to it respectively.One should be patient and calm, as knowing the reason why is an important step. One could go on with talking about his private life and ask questions pertaining to his personal life, so that you could be aware of what problems he is having leading to drinking. Though, drinking may sometimes just be for pleasure.
  • If talking to the person does not work, do not keep on talking and ask more and more questions. This could indeed make the condition worse. You could take the help of a professional to help the alcohol addicted man. The person could be referred to an alcohol abuse program or various health centres which have become quite popular these days.
  • You could try talking to his family, friends and people close to him. Even their involvement in this case would be of great help in helping him to stop drinking alcohol. The alcoholic may find it more comfortable with his relatives, family and friends with whom he is more close to. This way there would be lots of people trying to help the alcoholic and would actually motivate the alcoholic in the cause by seeing the number of people trying to help him.
  • 'An idle mind is a devil's workshop.' Do not let the person be idle all the time and make effort to keep him busy all the time. You could send him for a holiday or a trip or let him start with a hobby. A routine of practicing yoga and various forms of exercise is an excellent idea to go ahead with.
  • Do not let the person be under the influence of other alcoholic or places where alcohol is being served. No matter how hard the alcoholic is trying, he may get tempted to alcohol when he's in such an environment.
  • Lastly, let the alcoholic himself actually understand that he should give up alcohol. Unless he, himself understands and really wants to, all efforts would be useless. One should actually boost and encourage the alcoholic on giving up of alcohol so that even he would try the best from his side on giving up of alcohol.

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