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Happy 24th Birthday to Me

24 years of life and taking time to reflect back on the years I have lived, I just can't be more grateful for how amazing life has been. Maybe life has not turned out exactly how I thought it would but it has turned out to be how it should be. The people I have met, the memories I have built, the things I have done, the places I have been and lived and the black spaces I have filled makes me so happy and grateful.

Am I satisfied and content with life?? Ahh not exactly because I want to do more in life, see more things and experience much more than what I have today. Life has never been always happy and that's how it is and I know its not Thanksgiving today but I just want to thank every person that has been and are a part of my life who has made me smile, made me feel good and made me mould myself to the person I am today. Thank you for being a part of my life . Life goes on and I have tied my seatbelts for a lot more thrilling adventures ahead.
And yes thank you all my viewers of my blog who has always read and appreciated my little works blabered words in my blogs which always motivated me to do little things that would make me feel good about my self.
Happy Birthday to me.  :)


  1. Happy birthday lovely! hope you have an amazing birthday! Hope you'll experience in life and be satisfied with life one day ^--^ <3

    Would you like yo follow each other on GFC and Google+? ^^

  2. Thanks so much Michelle. IO am following you and great blog you have, hope you checked my comments there


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