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Cool Tips to Beat the Summer Heat and Humidity and Enjoy the Summers

As summers has begun, it is very important to bring some changes that would make your summers go by smoothly with lots of fun and healthy lifestyle. This article gives you some cool tips on how to tackle the summer heat and humidity in a healthy way so as to make this hot and sweaty season a comfortable one with lots of fun and enjoyment.

As summers has approached, it is the time to chill out with the heat. Summers is the perfect time you can enjoy the heat by treating yourself with fresh fruits and desserts made from healthy food products. One spends lot of time outdoors during the summers in the daytime therefore one must have fun in a perfect way during the summers whether it be at the swimming pool, or going for movies or spending time with friends talking at the ice cream shop. Whatever you do, you should beat the summer heat with lots of fun. Well, one should be careful when enjoying time during the summer heat. Some cool tips can be used to beat the summer heat with fun.

Increase the Intake of Fluids

Summers means that one sweats more than usual. Hence one should drink lots of fluid to overcome the loss of fluids from the body. Drink plenty of water frequently. Your body needs about 2.5 litres of water daily in an average. One should avoid drinking excessive cold beverage as this may trouble your stomach causing cramps. Do not drink excessive carbonate soft drinks and beverages too. One should lower the intake of caffiene and avoid alcohol. One should drink beverages that has electrolytes in it. These electrolytes that are contained in drinks helps in maintaining the fluids level in the body and also protects the body from losing water and getting heat stroke.

Eat the Right Food
Have a light diet. Avoid eating heavy oily food and spicy meals as they heat up your body. Do not indulge yourself in junk food and fast foods from takeaways. Take small frequent meals. Do not consume cut fruits that is available in fruit stalls in road side Consume  green vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits like papaya, mangoes, pomegranate and watermelons. Banana is one fruit one can have regularly as it has lots of beneficial qualities which is detailed in this article Health Benefits of Eating a Banana

Dress Yourself in the Right Way
When it comes to dress, make everything light. Go for light weight clothes with light colour and are loose fitting. Cotton wears are the best for summers. Do not go for synthetic garments or fabric that are heavy in weight. Avoid wearing clothes of black or any dark colour as these colours absorb heat quickly. Stay away from clothes that are tightly fitting to your skin as they will be a problem on hot days when you are sweating. It is a good idea to wear hats and caps as an accessory or use an umbrella to shade yourself. One can also try wearing sunglasses which protects the eyes from the harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun and also gives you a trendy fashionable look.

Keep your Skin Protected
It is necessary to keep your skin protected from the outside as well as the inside. Take natural blood purifier like Safi or other herbal blood purifier that purifies your blood and flushes out all the toxins from your body. Hence, when your blood is clean from the inside, your skin will automatically be clean from the outside giving it as glow. Wash your face as frequently as possible. Do take shower before sleeping so as to wash the sweat and dirt that has been accumulated in the body during the day. Use a sunscreen daily whenever going out in the sun in your face and hands as it protects your skin from tans and getting burns. Sun screens also guards you from the ultra-violet rays from the sun.It is important to keep yourself protected from the sun and its heat during the summers, hence this article How to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat? may help you too.

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