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Café Refuel, Kalimpong: Restaurant Review

Being in Kalimpong after a long time, I just wanted to try some new places that have come up and café Refuel was one which I had heard a lot about and wanted to try.

      Café Refuel is located a little far from the main Kalimpong town at 8th mile near St. Philomina School so went all the way to visit that place. I had heard a lot about the café’s unique ambience and décor and it was quite a unique one indeed. As I entered the place I saw a display of bicycles for rent and that seemed pretty cool for a place like Kalimpong. The café was an informal café with real motorbikes as interior decors placed in the café with even dining chairs which was actually a scooter with the head as a table which was one of the unusually cool thing I had ever seen. There was also a table soccer placed in the café for diners to play which was totally cool as I had only seen one in few sports bar in some Indian cities and abroad.

      The placed seemed quite silent as I didn't see much guests inside other than one table next to me. A guy came up to me and presented me the menu. The good thing about the menu was it had a wide selection of Mexican foods as well with other regular quick snacks like sandwiches, rolls, burgers and fries. I am quite a fan of Mexican food but the sad part was when I asked for a burrito, they told me that it was not available nor was tacos. The only Mexican food that was available was nachos. So after a while I settled with their Café Refuel’s Special Roll and chocolate shake topped with chocolate ice cream for drinks. Well, quickly I got my drinks on my table which was good. I was really pleased that I could get to try their burrito but it wasn’t available so I got my Café Refuel’s Special Roll in the table. The roll was presented like a burrito but instead of tortilla, there was a regular wheat flour Indian roll bread and the insides had chunks of fried chicken. For a junk food lover like me, the roll was good though I wouldn’t call it as amazing and perfect.

      After I finished my quick meal, I went up to get the bill which was 250 rupees for a roll and two chocolate shake with ice cream which I thought was reasonable. As a personal opinion, the café had a décor was quite amazing for a place like Kalimpong and I was really glad I visited the place. The food was good though I guess if the things in the menu are available, it would be much better. Well, maybe next time I visit Kalimpong, I would love to visit the place and expect it to be more lively and with more people.

Below are some pictures I took at Cafe Refuel in Kalimpong:

These are actually seats where you can sit and enjoy your meal at Cafe Refuel and also enjoy the view of Kalimpong.

The table soccer and motorbike on display at Cafe Refuel.

The drink that we ordered; Chocolate Shake topped with Chocolate Ice-Cream

Cafe Refuel's Special Roll with Coleslaw on the side.

Kalimpong Bike Rentals at Cafe Refuel.

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  1. Had a great experience this place. There was a good amount of people and the atmosphere was lively. Throughout the night, the bartenders were very friendly and attentive. Couldn't be happier with their service. Recommend San Francisco restaurants without hesitation.


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