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5 Smartphone Apps That Predicts and Alerts Natural Disasters

   Mother Nature has struck back at us again with another earthquake. A very high magnitude earthquake measuring 7.9 Richter scale struck Nepal and parts of India on 25th April and another earthquake hit back again on 12th May causing a devastating effect.

     Well, most of us own a smartphone and with the technological advancement, we could use it to get alerts for various disasters to come. Yes there are various apps developed for smartphones that can give you alerts of earthquakes and tsunamis that could happens. So, here we have five apps that can help you predict and avoid natural disasters like earthquake before it occurs.

1. Disaster Radar

      As per the developers of this app, Disaster Radar is the first and only smartphone app that can provide you with various information on various natural disasters that are happening in the whole world. You can also view the various disasters with its details like its cause and the places it has affected in a world map.

2. Disaster Alert

      This smartphone app, Disaster Alert, send you alerts in your phone when an active natural disaster like earthquake strikes and happens worldwide. This app used 'Active Hazard' from where it derives all the information and gives you reports about various natural disasters like earthquake, flood, cyclone, tsunami and volcano.

3. Natural Disaster Monitor

       Natural Disaster Monitor is another smartphone app that will help you view various natural disaster that it happening globally getting its information from the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System. These disasters include earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and tsunamis. These are shown on the map with various color codes that explains that various levels of alertness with colors like green, orange and red.

4. ubAlert - Disaster Alert
         This app, ubAlert gives you and shares information about the various natural disasters that is happening globally. There are various verified sources where this app collects various information of natural disasters and then gives the app user access to it. ubAlert basically acts like a social network for people who are located in the disaster hit or disaster prone areas.

5. Tsunami Alert
     This app, Tsunami Alert, gives information basically on tsunamis with alerts on various tsunami warnings and advises. This app gets its information from NOAA's Tsunami Centre and sends alerts for countries like the USA, Canada and other countries that are located along the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This app also helps one find an area of safety in times of emergency.

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  1. Bullshit.Nobody can predict an earthquake.


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