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5 Reasons why you must visit NEPAL Right Now: Guest Blog


As you all know I blog about  Street fashion & Lifestyle blog with a touch & taste of Nepal.

Recently, approx. 3 weeks back on 12-1-2072 B.S. My nation / motherland Nepal was hit by 7.9 magnitude of earthquake with turned whole nation upside down, including my city - my Kathmandu , the place where am born. This earth quake took more then 7000+ lives and more then 10,000+ are homeless &  injured. This was the 2 biggest earth quake that had taken place in my country after almost 80 years ( if I am not wrong it was around 1990's B.S.). 

Despite of all that disastrous situation, we all Nepalese were trying to overcome our loss, the loss of our world heritages, loss of beautiful monuments,  loss of our Loved ones, Loss of our homes, loss of worship places  & more... ..  with more then, 250+ aftershocks of earthquake

When we all were trying to overcome our sadness, sorrow & grief. Again on 12 - May - 2015 , my nation  NEPAL was hit by 6.8 magnitude of earthquake, which took away more then 50+lives & 100+ injured and homeless, of course 40+ aftershocks since Tuesday.
The earthquake has affected 38 districts of Nepal ... ...

 Am dedicating this post for them - 
for Nepal & its people

  • Nepal is home of worlds' best trekking routes i.e. the Annapurna Region , which compiles the wettest, driest and windiest places of Nepal. 
  • not only that, it also offers you all a Lake city called Pokhara which is the most famous (city) valley for its mini adventures & it also near Annapurna Region.
  •  Mustang, which is also known as the "Shangri- La of  Nepal", which I agree 100% as its indeed the Shangri- La of  Nepal, the only desert below the amazing valley of Himalayas and above green valleys of  sub- urban cities like Beni bazar. 
  • Upper Mustang, is a very famous route for trekking & adventures  and also is known as the "Kingdom of Himalayas". with a  touch of arid , dry & colorful rocks & rock mountains formations. Not only the natural beauties that makes this place a must visit destination of  the trekkers but also the centuries old heritages of mustangi people, cultures & heritages. just adds up a spice to this adventurous trek to the Himalayas. 
  • Nagarkot , Phulchoki dhaaada , Hattiban & many more valleys are the near by must visit valleys. As these are near the by destinations for a day or two adventures and the best part of it is , its near the capital city of Kathmandu - "The Kathmandu Valley"
  • Sagarmatha National Park one of the most visited area by tourist, as the worlds highest  mountain  peak lies there "MT. EVEREST 8848".


  • Nepal's first national park & home of the Bengal Tiger, Gharial Crocodile and One- horned Rhinoceros i.e Chitwan National Park. Its , one of most visit parks & tourist destination after the Lake city - Pokhara.
  • Chitwan National Park is also famous for its jungle safari on elephants & elephant race(if am not wrong)
  • Well, these conservation areas, wildlife reserves & national parks are some of those which  are home to many species, animals & birds.
  • Over 856 known species of birds are found in Nepal & these parks and conservations areas are their home. No wonder Nepal is also known as a "Bird Watcher's Paradise" (in some of the websites.)
  • Almost 10% of world's total bird population, which gives chances you will get to see several birds during you visit to NEPAL.
  • Bardiya National Park, Khoshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Manaslu Conservation Area,  Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Api Nampa Conservation Areas are some of the must visit areas of Nepal, if you are a lover of natural beauties.


  • There are these three valleys of Nepal which is known as the home for some of the Worlds' Heritages. And they are -
    1. Kathmandu
    2. Lalitpur
    3. Bhaktapur
  • Kathmandu-  the capital of Nepal. Its a city of diverse society, which has a high influence of Western society , culture & language but people are never behind with their traditions & culture. I must say these people really know to go hand in hand.
    (Getting back to the Heritage sites )_
    Kathmandu is home of UNESCO world heritage sites like,  Hanumandhoka / Basantapur Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath Stupa , Pashupatinath Temple & Changunarayn Temple, which are now in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively.
    {Till date, Pashupatinath Temple is not much affect by the earthquake... }
    There are many other monuments & palaces which have been preserving our history , such as- Dhahara / Bhimsen Tower (the tallest monument of Nepal), Singh Durbar Palace , Bal Mandir (gorvernment orphanage) ,  are also now in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively.
  • Lalitpur - the city of ancient history of Newari Culture & tradition (for me). Patan Durbar Square is also one of the UNSECO World Heritage site, where most of the temples , Pati Pauwas, walls of Patan Durbar Square, are now in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively.
  • Bhaktapur - the another city of (ethnic) ancient history of Newari Culture & Tradition(again for me). Bhaktapur Durbar Square is also one of the UNSECO World Heritage site, where most of the temples, Sculptures of  Mall Kings', monuments, are now in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively.
  • Like wise, there are many other valleys that surround different heritage sites which are not yet registered in UNESCO world Heritage List, but have there own history  -
    Nuwakot Durbar square which is also known as "Saat Talle Durbar", where Late King Prithivi Narayan shah took his last breath.
    Gorkha Durbar Square, is the palace from where late king Prithivi Narayan Shah started his initiative to create one nation out of small small kingdom which is now known as "NEPAL", Lamjung -  is the city which is home of many Gurkha army (British Army & Singapore policemen), another place which uphold an important role during a war between NEPAL & EAST INDIA COMPANY (British army - back then).... ..  ... .. now is in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively.


  • Nepal is also known as the "kingdom of Himalayas" or shall I say "Home of Himalayas". the Himalayan belt surrounds the upper range of the Nepal.
  • 8 of world's 10 tallest mountains are found only in Nepal.
  • Nepal is home of Himalayan ranges / mountains like  Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Dhaulagiri - I  & many more.
  •  Everest base camp area, is now in devastated form after the earthquake hit Nepal on 12- 1- 2072 & 12- MAY 2015 respectively as it brought avalanche which has not only destroyed the base camp area but also has killed & injured more then 10+ people ...


  • Nepal might be small in shape & size but is home for around 125 ethnic / caste groups of Nepal. 
  • Eg:  The main descendants of kathmandu are newars but now due to internal migration & opportunities Kathmandu city is home for other ethnic / caste groups. through this, you can understand how diverse is the society of NEPAL is... .. 
  • A nation which immerse oneself into different cultures & traditions and leaves your comfort zone.
  • Nepal is the only Nation where people worship the Living Goddess - KUMARI.
  • Multiple religions, cultures, languages , traditions gives us a reason to celebrate different types of festivals - Like,
    Holi - festival of colors
    Dashain & Tihar - two main festivals of Nepal.
    Tihar - festival of Lights
    Indra Jatra - celebration of God Indras' day ; Indra is lord of Rain & King of heaven
    JanaiPurnima /  RakhsyaBnadhan - festival that celebrates or observes the bond of purity & security.
    Losar- New year celebration in different ethnic groups  like : Gurung, Tamang, Sherpas'

I would like to ask everyone to make a visit to Nepal. Nepal misleadingly small country between India & China in shape & size, but its huge, great, large & rich in its own way. That, you will find out after you make a visit to NEPAL.  So if you are planning to visit any other place for Holidays, then, I would just say do not miss NEPAL ... .  
As, earthquake has not stopped us.. though it has affected many sectors  like , hotel industry, tourism industry, trekking & adventure industry, cultural & heritage industry but we are working hard in every other way possible to rise our nation much better then that it was BEFORE.... .. 

 I would like to request all my readers & followers to make a visit to Nepal to see how my fellow Nepalese brothers & sisters are working day and night to build a New Nepal a Better Nepal.

So pack up your packs & Fly to Nepal if you don't want to miss it

Hope you all liked & enjoyed reading this post about 
"My NEPAL, My country , My motherland - AmazingNepal"
Till en.. ..


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Guest Blog by Rajshree Rana, who is based in Nepal writes for her fashion blog SwankyRana. Check out her works and posts http://swankyrana.blogspot.in/

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