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19 Awesome Reasons Why INDIA is the Perfect Holiday Destination

The land of the kamasutra, the home of the Buddha, the colors, the cultures... There is a lot more of India you may not know and there is so much more to see in India. If you are looking for a perfect holiday for yourself, then it should definitely be India this time.
    Well, why should India be a holiday destination out of all places in the world? Let me give you 19 reasons why you should travel to India and spend your vacations here:

1. The rich culture and heritage of India would make you fall in love with it.

2. It is the land of the highest peaks in the world.

3. India has one of the loveliest beaches in the Indian ocean.

4. You will get to witness one of the most ancient civilizations and remains from history.

5. India is a great place to explore forests, wildlife and national parks and sanctuaries.

6. India is indeed a land of the yoga, where you can isolate yourself from the busy loud world and enjoy some peace.

7. India has various places where you can have the best hikes and treks in the world.

8. You can find one of the most beautiful hill stations in India.

9. Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Hawa Mahal or Mysore Palace, any part of India you visit, you will find fascinating monuments and structures of architecture.

10. You don't have to be in Italy to see the most beautiful churches as you can find them in India as well.

11. The country and suburbs in India are really beautiful as well.

12. Want to experience a fast city life? Indian cities are one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world and come under the top mega cities in the world.

13. Who said you can't explore the underwater in India? No need to fly all the way to Australia to discover the coral reefs because India has it all.

14. Desert Safari in Dubai? Explore the rich and amazing deserts in Rajasthan in India.

15. Wondering if you can find good hotels in India? Sheraton, Hilton, Ritz Carton, you name it. Indian cities and towns are heavily visited by tourists from around the world with the best hotel chains growing its business in India everyday.

16. Traveling around India? India is well connected around with various means of public transport, whether be it road, railways, airways, waterways, subway trains, rope-ways, trams, rickshaws and a lot more.

17. So you think all food from India are hot and spicy? Travel and see how diverse and amazingly delicious Indian food can be, with different cuisines in different parts of India.

18. Is language a problem? Well almost everyone in India at least speak basic English and even if one doesn't, Indians have a very good way of communicating and serving their guest well.

19.  And at the end of the way, people in India are always there to welcome you with their friendly and hospitable smile because Indian culture has always followed 'Atiti Dev Bhava' meaning a guest is a god to a host.

And yes, above are 19 reasons why you should visit India and make it your next vacation spot but 19 is just few of the many reasons to visit India so come and discover more reasons to visit India and you will be surprised how many many more reasons you will find why India is a land to visit.

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