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Vogue and Its Secret Diversity Trend Every April: It is Serena Williams This Time

It was revealed last week that Serena Williams will be on the cover of Vogue for April 2015 issue. Well, this isn't the first time this tennis pro is being on the cover as her first was with June 2012 which was a joint shoot with Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte. Well, Serena Williams is also the first black woman to be in Vogue this year. But she isn't the first black woman to appear on the April cover of Vogue.

    If you look back at the various past issues of vogue, you will see the trend. Just take a look at the past 10 years and you will see that 7 out of 10 April covers featured a person of color and following that trend it is Serena Williams this time. And its not just women of color because even out of those seven, two happened to be men of color, which was Kanye West last year April 2014 and LeBron James in April 2008. The other five persons of color who were featured on the April covers were First Lady Michelle Obama in April 2013, Jennifer Lopez in April 2012, Rihanna in April 2011 and  Beyoncé in April 2009. Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel starred on the cover page of Vogue April 2010, though she starred along with James as well in 2008 though there was this drew controversy which is nothing worth nothing for.

    So with April being the beginning of the financial year and April also being the shape issue, is Vogue trying to make a statement on diversity amongst people with every April issue? Well anyways, Serena Williams totally rocked the cover page this year.

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