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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Muscat

    Muscat doesn't miss out when it comes to places to eat, with new restaurants coming up every now and then, with the city full of restaurants, serving various cuisines and delicaies from around the world. If you're thinking of going out to eat, make sure you take a visit at the best places to eat in this capital city of Oman.

     Here are the five best places to eat in Muscat:

1. La Fattoria Della Pizza

Located in a very prime location at Madinat Sultan Qaboos, La Fattoria Della Pizza has been rocking the whole city of Muscat with its pizza. Well, there are tons of places in town where you get pizzas almost in every corner, getting an authentic pizza is difficult. But that became easier with this restaurant, with chefs from Italy, with great ingredients and flavours, La Fattoria Della Pizza is one restaurant you should visit if you would love to get indulged in authentic Italian Pizzas.

2. The Beach Restaurant at The Chedi

This is one restaurant in Muscat that has amazed each and every guest that has dined in the restaurant with its beautiful ambiance, great food and amazing service.Located at the Chedi, as the name says, you get to dine sitting just next to the beach. If you would love to have a romantic dinner with great wines and food just next to the beach, The Beach Restaurant is more than perfect place in the Muscat.

3. Begum's

Very famous in the city for its Indian food, Begum's is located in a very prime location in Al Khuwair, with various other restaurants nearby. Begum's is indeed a restaurant where you can get the best Indian food in Muscat and at also very nominal price. Whether be its popular biryani to butter chicken and Indian breads, Begum taken the lead for Indian food in Muscat.  Check my review on Begum's below:

4. Turkish House Restaurant

Really popular for its buffet and grills, Turkish House restaurant has amazing delicacies for Turkish food in town. One of the must try dishes are the grilled fish, the Turkish bread and Shawarma. Turkish House may not look like a perfect place to dine from outside but going in and savoring the dishes will create an amazing wowness.

5. Al Angham Restaurant

If you want to try some great Omani food, AL Angham is the place to be. The ambiance and interior decor is great, the food served in such an artistic fashion and yes, as we expect from every restaurant, amazing food. Being in Oman, one should try some authentic Omani food and for that, Al Angham restaurant is a place to be,
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