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Nina Dobrev Quits The Vampire Diaries: Goodbye Elena Gilbert

Six years and six seasons and Nina Dobrev finally calls it off. Nina Dobrev who played the role of Elena Gibert and many of her other doppelgängers, made a statement that she would be leaving The Vampire Diaries by the end of the current sixth season of the tv series.
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        Well it has been reported that though Nina Dobrev will be leaving, the story of The Vampire Diaries will continue with the Salvatore Brothers and the rest of the amazing characters in the show. Another turn would be the character of Tyler Lockwood. Michael Trevino, who plays the character would also be leaving the Vampire Diaries but not forever, but would occasionally appear in the show as a guest star, making some creative changes in the show to make the character of Tyler Lockwood alive.
     Rumors of Nina Dobrev leaving the show begun since last weekend after the cast of TVD began posting pictures in Instagram with captions saying that they would miss Dobrev.
    Since Nina Dobrev is leaving the Vampire Diaries, it means killing her character in the show. TVD has been really good at bringing back the dead and almost every character who has died has been brought back to life so the very phenomenon of death becomes irrelevant. Dobrev cleared out that he character would die and would not be brought back from the dead, like it was for the character Vicki Donnavan, creating a twist in the show making it more interesting.
     Well, for all TVD viewers, six years with Nina Dobrev was amazing and it wouldn't be the same without her but stories become interesting with changes so hope this changes makes something more interesting out of the Vampire Diaries.
"The Vampire Diaries" Loses Nina Dobrev


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