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How to Get More Likes in Your Facebook Post?

Do you want to get more Likes on your Facebook posts? Well, then I can help you to increase the number of likes that you get in your posts that you post in your Facebook.

    Using the tips that I am going to give you, you will definitely get more and more likes in the posts that you posts in your Facebook timeline whether it be status updates, photos, links, etc, your friends are gonna like it more and press the Like button.

    Follow the method that I have mentioned below and boost your likes that you get in Facebook:

1. Have More Friends in Facebook - Add more and more friends in Facebook. More friends means more is the potential of getting likes in your Facebook posts. Do not add any random unknown people but actually your friends.

2. Be Active - Be active in Facebook. Comment and like on other friends facebook friends so that even you can expect them to do the same to you. Be active in Facebook and keep in touch with all your friends. Do not be lost from Facebook for long times and use very less of Facebook. The more active you be, the more Facebook likes you can expect to get.

3. Post Interest and Current Post -  Post status messages and links about things that are trending and popular currently. An important event or a breaking news may appeal to one's sight and this may bring more likes.

4. Use Humor - Humor is something that attracts everyone. Posting funny stuff in your Facebook wall will definitely get people's attention and will manage to get more likes in your Facebook updates.

5. Sex Sells - People are always dirty minded and if you post anything dirty, it is sure that people will have their attention in it and you may get more and more likes on those dirty posts in Facebook.
6. Tag Friends - You can also tag your friends to Facebook posts by typing '@' and the name of the friend to the post. This too will bring a great boost to the number of likes in your Facebook posts.

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