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Five Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog with Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is an awesome social bookmarking website that helps me to generate traffic to my blogs and articles, accounting for more than a thousand views every month. But if you want to get some positive result from your StumbleUpon, you should use some of the tips that I am going to mention here.

    I have been a user at StumbleUpon with the username Mr Arrogantt, (you can follow me by clicking here ) and I must say that the power of StumbleUpon is really worth using as it generates a great traffic to your blogs and articles. But to be successful in driving a good traffic, you should follow the tips that I am going to mention below:

1. Do Not Blow Your Own Trumpet - Self Promotion in StumbleUpon
    It is best if you do not stumble your own content. Well, it is not that you cannot stumble your own content,  but it is a better idea if others stumble your contents that you yourself doing so. When you stumble your contents only, your fellow users may thing that you are just promoting yourself and is not adding any good and valuable content to the StumbleUpon community.

2. Variety is the Spice - Stumble Variety Contents
    When you stumble contents, make sure you stumble contents from different blogs that has great content. Make sure you stumble contents from a variety of blogs and websites, that accompanies with various images, videos, texts, etc. It is not advised to stumble contents that has no value content in it and is not helpful to the other users.

3. The Title and Description should be Great
When you are stumbling your content, it is advisable to use great titles and descriptions that may attract others attention and give a great description about the content. But adding vague titles just to attract other users should not be done.

4. Be Friends with other Users and Grow your Network

   Networking is very important. Add friends, and try to know them and help them. It is always great to grow your network by adding friends and helping them. Just adding friends and forgetting it is not helpful. The power of Networking in StumbleUpon is very helpful for traffic generation.

5.  Don't Use Multiple Accounts
Just keep a single account at StumbleUpon. Making multiple accounts with different identities is not advised. If you try fooling StumbleUpon by doing this, you account may get banned temporarily or maybe permanently.

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