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Five Reasons Why Not to Buy Mac: Say No to Apple

There are several pitfalls a Mac user has to get used to, like money, which you need lots of, and service, which you hardly get in most places  and perhaps the most important one: common availability. How many Apple showrooms have you seen? People definitely have reasons to stay with Windows, yet.

1. Far too expensive

The Windows world is not as expensive as Apple, delivers a reasonable performance, and more importantly, takes pains to welcome you. On the other hand, there are no assembled Macs available, and the price of an entry-level Mac desktop is Rs 58,000. Windows is cheap, and it sells.

2. Limited choice of software
If you are big, you can offer more choice. Compared to the PC platform, Mac has limited software available. Although you will get almost everything you need, the choice will still be lesser—it’s a comparative difference, but it’s still a difference. Microsoft offers a much wider choice.

3. Thin service
PC problems with Windows-based machines are easy to solve. Just call a technician and ask him/her to fix your computer. But Macintoshes require trained technicians to take care of them. Such technicians are unheard of in most places, and for that matter, so are Apple showrooms. This single has been a major turn off for prospective buyers. The service factor has to improve, before anything else.

4. Non-upgradable

Macs, unlike Windows, are not meant to be upgraded, except probably for the hard disk and the RAM, and you can’t do much of an upgrade on an iMac anyway. Windows, on the other hand, makes sure it offers you a choice (sometimes thrusts it at you) to upgrade. You can upgrade your way through the entire 9x series, literally. In short, if you have a hardware problem with your Mac in a country like India, you are gone!

5. Not a great team player
While Apple constantly receives a lot of compliments from professional users all over the world, organisations have been wary of adopting Macs as the platform lacks tools— server applications, collaborative tools, and industrial strength database applications—that address the needs of any modern organisation. So that’s it, the points are all here for you to see and decide: is there room in your life for a Mac? If not, you can carry on and if yes, you’ll have to change your lifestyle!

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