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Emma Watson Turns 25: Celebrate Her Happy Birthday With Her Inspiring Quotes

It may seem like just yesterday when we saw Emma Watson as that little girl cast as Hermione Granger in 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' but today 15th April 2015, she turns 25 celebrating her 25th birthday. All these years she has evolved as an actress but her role as a woman and a public figure, she has laid strong statements on gender equality and other important issues.

      We all have loved Emma Watson for her movies whether it be the  Harry Potter series or Noah or the high school girl from Perks of Being a Wallflower but what's so amazing about this young actress is that how she has grown up into this bold, informed, well-spoken and inspiring advocate for women's right. Yes, Emma has addressed the United Nationed and inspired all of us, men and women, to do and be better. She is full of grace yet she is grounded, her intelligence is impeccable but she is always there for people's approach. She has become this young woman, in whom there is everything a fan would want in a movie star and she has everything that a young woman should be.
     So on this event of Emma Watson's birthday, here are some incredible quotes by Emma. Just take a look.

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  1. I have always loved her, the woman she's become. She is beautiful and also from the inside. Happy Birthday to you Emma Watson


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