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Darjeeling Shakes Due to the Earthquake Tremor Again: The Aftershocks Has Not Ended Yet

     Yesterday, a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake with its epicenter in Nepal hit at 11.41pm 25th April 2015, causing devastation in Nepal and its tremor felt in North India, Bihar, West Bengal including Darjeeling, Sikkim and North East India.  Death toll alone in Nepal has exceeded 2000 people dead and still counting with more than 40 deaths in India.

Alert area: 41 miles (65 km) E of KATHMANDU, Nepal; 
46 miles (75 km) W of Namche Bazar, Nepal; 
113 miles (181 km) N of Darbhanga, Bihar, 
India Source: U.S. Geological Survey

     Today, 26th April 2015, exactly 25 hours after yesterday's earthquake, another earthquake hit, with its epicenter 17 kilometres south of Kodari in Nepal at 12.41pm IST on 26th April 2015. The tremor was widely felt all over Nepal and surrounding places.
     The tremors was felt in Darjeeling as well causing people to run out of their houses in the streets and causing traffic jams and panic. Jay complex has been reported to have had damages yesterday. Today's tremor caused a lot of panic in people's mind and also resulting in old houses and buildings having cracks on their walls. This just didn't end. 

      Just an hour ago around 1.45pm 26th April 2015, another aftershock tremors was again felt causing people to run out of their houses. The windows of tall buildings and doors were easily witnessed shaking. With a huge amount of tourists flooding in the hotels in Darjeeling, a lot of panic has been caused in their minds as well. 

    Tourists in various places have been seen to be gathered and guests from hotels have been seen running outside scared during this aftershock. Even the locals ran outside their houses with a lot of people still gathered in the streets of Darjeeling due to fear and for safety due to the earthquake.

     There has been a lot of rumor and news about a possible aftershock again and again with Nepal witnessing so many aftershocks since yesterday's major shake. Everyone has been cautious around. As per now, no report has been reported for any major damage or loss of life in Darjeeling as such but a lot of injuries and damaged has been announced in various parts of West Bengal and Bihar. 

    As far as safety of people is concerned, the epicenter of the earthquake is quite far from Darjeeling and Sikkim so it has been assumed that it is quite safe here. Though the tremor has been widely felt with no reports of serious damage.

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