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6 Reasons Why The Twilight Saga is Totally Weird and Sucks

So, the vampire-human love story called The Twilight Saga came out years ago and just changed the very defination of Vampires. Well, if you have heard, seen or watch about vampires, the Twilight Saga totally defies the concept of Vampirism. So you wanna know why the Twilight Saga is weird? I bet you already do know. Still, check out why it is so weird

1. Sparkling Vampires:  We have always heard stories and tales since years about vampires fearing the sunlight and bursting into flames in sunlight and living in coffins and being active only at night. But the Twilight vampires doesn't fear the sun. They actually sparkles in the sunlight with their skin turning into glitters.

2. Abnormally Huge Wolves:  Okay so werewolves are super natural and the tales about werewolves have been told since ages. But a change in Twilight Saga. The size of the werewolf is abnormally huge, larger than a tiger or a lion which has never happened in any super natural tale in history. Fine and then the werewolf has nothing to do with the full moon and can turn anytime they won't. So technically speaking that doesn't even make them a werewolf but an amigus.
In Wolf Form, Jacob in wolf form

3. Vampire With Super Powers: We already have had enough super heroes that the Twilight Saga introduced us to a series of vampires with super power. The weird super powers include reading minds, predicting future, being extra strong, throwing electric shocks, blinding people, throwing flames and causing smokes and gases.

4. Victoria?  - Well apparently the actress in the Twilight movies playing Victoria changed so which means the character Victoria had a plastic surgery, hair dye, liposuction and height change. Wow amazing!

5. Vampires Are Suppose to be Scary: Yes, they are suppose to be scary and a predator for human kind. But hello, twilight vampires have been beat fairies when it comes to their sparkly charm and the very definition of vampires have changed,

6. The Complicated Relationship: Yes, its Edward and Bella and Jacob and then one's a fairy vampire and other is a weird human and the other is a giant werewolf and then one falls in love with the other and everything is complicated.

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