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5 Best Restaurants and Places to Eat in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a perfect destination for outdoor travellers and tourists be it checking out the rolling mountains to visit places like Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, Cultural Monasteries to the Himalayan Zoological Park. And what makes it even more perfect a destination is the amazing food at Darjeeling. So, if you are a foodie, Darjeeling will not disappoint you and here I have the top 10 Places you can check out and go in to eat.

1. Sonam's Kitchen

This place is rated for one of best breakfast in town. It is a great little place to go for a perfect delicious breakfast and if you're a traveler or a back packer in Darjeeling, it is a great place to meet fellow travelers. Really popular for its great sandwiches, porridge, pan cakes, coffee and yes Darjeeling tea of course. It is located in a very easy to locate place. It's a short walk from Chowrasta past the pony stable, vegetable market and a little uphill which would hardly take 5 minutes of walk and there you are.
Check my review on Sonam's Kitchen:
Sonam's Kitchen: The Best Restaurant for Breakfast In Darjeeling

2. Gatty's Cafe

If you would love to spend an evening in Darjeeling with some drinks and food with your friends, then Gatty's Cafe is the perfect place. Going there to grab some beer and tasting some amazing food especially western food here is awesome as there ain't much places where you get good western food in Darjeeling. You also have some great music playing and really friendly staffs.

3. Kunga Restaurant

If you want to try something really ethic then Kunga restaurant is a great place for good Tibetan food. Its rather a small place and the prices are really reasonable. Whether be delicious momos to thukpas and fried noodles, chowmeins and great soups, Kunga Restaurant is just perfect for Tibetan food.

4. Tom and Jerry's

    This place is also another great place for breakfast in Darjeeling. Though this place is open for lunch and dinner as well, it's nice for some hot tea, momos and noodles. And yes there have some really good breakfast like sandwiches and pastas as well.

5. Glenary's

This place has been very popular in town since a very long time for its mouth watering bakes and breakfast. Located in such an ideal location, hopping in for some quick meal and snacks is also perfect. If you want to get some hot Darjeeling tea with some fresh bakes and puddings, Glenary's is indeed the first place anyone can think of.


  1. hahahahaha...so keventer's doesnt make it? really, paid blog?

  2. haha not a paid blog... Keventers could have made it to the 6th...but the standard level has gone down... plus if you check the guest reviews online and rankings in trip advisor... Keventers don't even make it to the top 10 currently.. so it wouldn't be fair to the others

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  4. Seriously sonams kitchen?? I'm a local and I have been mistreated and rudely shown off the door only because I'm a local and wanted to taste their breakfast, somewhere last year. White ass lickers. And guess what she said, timi haru momo thukpa bhaat khojeko hola uuh talla pawcha eta ta khana haru mangooh cha ta. As if I couldn't afford her food. An I'm not the only one mistreated here. There are several others like me.


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