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18 Things Only Non-Pinoys With Filipino Friends Will Understand

    So, having a lot of Pinoy friends has taught me a lot of thing. Being a non-Pinoy but always hanging out with Filipinos has given me to learn about the culture in Philippines and yes, has made me develop a lot of traits, which I suppose every guy/girl who isn't Filipino but has a lot of Filipino friends will understand. See, if you can relate:

1. You have tasted many Filipino dishes and that definitely includes chicken Adobo.

2. You have learn a lot of Filipino words but most of them includes words which is not accepted to be used in public. (If you know what I mean).

3. You know 'hindi' isn't just a language and it means something else in Tagalog.

4. You learnt that all Filipinos don't speak just one language and Tagalog isn't just the language one speaks in the Philippines.
5. You never figured out the correct way to say 'yes' in Tagalog and 'oo' is actually quite confusing to pronounce.

6. You get a lot of 'nose-bleed' from your Pinoy friends.
7. You always wondered how one can eat 'balut'.

8. You have developed a little bit of the 'akksent'.

9. You know what a 'C.R.' is.

10. You have watched the movie 'One More Chance'.

11. You understand that a lot of is common between Filipinos and Latinos.

12. You have been to a lot of Filipino restaurants, and tasted Sisig and Halo-Halo.

13. You own atleast one product by 'BENCH'.
14. You have heard stories about the history and politics of Phillipines one time or the other.

15. You know what 'ate' and 'kuya' is but never figured out how to refer to younger siblings.

16. Christmas with Filipinos are always awesome.

17. You know how related to the Filipinos are celebrities like Bruno Mars, Jessica Sanchez, Nicole Scherzinger and Vanessa Hudgens.

18. Whenever you ask a Filipino where they are from, they refer it as south, north or centre.

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