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10 Steps to Survive An Earthquake When You are Indoors

Earthquake is one of the most destructive natural disaster and it happens in various places resulting in disastrous effects to live and property. The earthquake in Nepal today was a disastrous one. So for everyone use these tips to be ready to face this disaster which may happen to anyone anywhere. SO here are the tips for 10 steps to survive an earthquake when you are indoors.

1. Keep Yourself Steady

2. Use the Drop, Cover and Hold method. This means during an earthquake drop to the floor and make sure your head, back and neck is covered probably by going under a table or other safe place and keep your hands held there tight which could be the legs of the table.

3. In case the building you are in it collapses, make sure that the people around you and yourself are alright.

4. Always keep your head and neck covered.

5. Do not move around indoors during the earthquake.

6. When the earthquake tremors seem to be over, slowly get out of the house making sure there is nothing falling down.

7. Inspect your house for anything dangerous like gas leak.

8. Check if there is any fires caused.

9. Do not open cabinets in a hurry and open it cautiously as things may fall into you.

10. If you are alone at home, use a landline phone that doesn't need power to call emergency services.


  •  Do not panic and run around.
  • Call emergency services.
  • After an earthquake, check if there is anyone who is injured and needs help and help them.
  • Call up your family and closed ones after the earthquake to assure safety and get access to local news.

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