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10 Cartoon Network Shows That Made Every 90s Kid Childhood Awesome

As a child in 90s, life was quite simple yet awesome. We didn't have smartphones and hi-tech digital video games, but what made our childhood so awesome was those cartoon network cartoon shows that has been trapped in our childhood memories.

    I hope every 90s kid will remember these cartoon shows:

1. Dexter's Laboratory: We all knew that this 6 year old guy Dexter was a genius and secretly hoped that even we had a secret laboratory like his. And how irritating we found her sister Dee Dee, who had huge head, small body with a tiny dress and huge hands and legs.

2. Johnny Bravo: That muscular hunk who got attracted to every beautiful girl still had no chance with any girl he met. How we wished one day at least one girl would like him but no one ever did.

3. Courage The Cowardly Dog: Yes, this show sometimes seemed weird and scary but we loved Courage even though this dog was always scared and in a panic, we totally miss this cartoon show.

4. Powerpuff Girls: Sugar,spices and everything good and chemical X and then BOOOM, you've created powerpuff girls. Those three little girls who were the superhero of Townsville and then the mayor and his phone call and how about those bad-ass Townsville villains like HIM and Mojo Jojo and every freaky monsters that appeared in Townsville every now and then. Those cartoons made our childhood so amazing.
5. The Scooby Doo Show: As a kid, this was the best mystery and suspense show ever. The whole gang, Scooby Doo and their Mystery Machine and not to forget the little brave Scrappy Doo, that made the amazing team. The story-line that had scary monsters and ghosts and later which turned out to be a human was the best story-line ever

6. The Bugs Bunny Show: Remember, 'What's up Doc?'. Yes that quick and clever bunny,yes Bugs Bunny who always had a carrot in his hand. With other interesting characters in the show like Daffy Duck, Piggy, Sylvester Cat and Tweety Bird.

7. Captain Planet: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart, the powers combine gives Captain Planet. Admit it, you learnt more about the environment from Captain Planet than any other sources. Well, yes Captain Planet was our hero who fought pollution and every evil villain who harmed the environment.

8. The Flintstone Show: Yappa Dappa Do! The Flintstone show was awesome going back to the pre-historic stone age times with stone buildings, cars that was run by human legs and yes, a pet dinosaurs Dino was totally amazing. How much we loved this show with amazing characters like Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty.

9. Swat Kats: In the world of Feline Creatures, these two super cats called Swat Kats always saved the Megacat city. Admit it that Swat Kats were one of those coolest cartoon characters and many of you actually wanted to grow up and become pilots after watching this cartoon show.

10. Tom and Jerry Show: And finally, it is Tom and Jerry Show. Even if the cartoon show didn't have much conversation and talking, you just loved these two and how they fought and ran around the house the entire day and even till date, you miss Tom and Jerry a lot.

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