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Shatabdi Express Running Between New Jalpaiguri and Howrah - an Affordable Luxury

The recently opened Shatabdi Express that runs between Howrah and New Jalpaiguri seems pretty good, as for a change, introducing such trains in this route. Though, some controversies has begun due to some timings of the train, it seems pretty well.

     The Shatabdi Express, that has been opened which runs between New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and Howrah Station has made journey between Kolkata and North Bengal very easy. This train is a super fast train that runs in the day time and takes only about 8 hours for the journey.
       The train is an air-conditioned train that cost only about Rs 800 for a chair car which is air-conditioned and about Rs 1700 for first class. These fare also includes meals and snacks which makes it affordable. Refreshments like tea, biscuits, soups are given with proper meals, including veg and non-veg plus amenities like mineral water and newspaper is also provided. 
         The Shatabdi Express leaves from NJP (New Jalpaiguri) station at 5.35 am in the morning. I know its really early but its okay and one reaches Howrah by 1.30pm. In this journey, one is provided with tea, snacks, breakfast and lunch. The train leaves from Howrah at 2.30 pm and arrives NJP at 10.30pm. The journey in this train is amazing. Its calm, clean and unlike the typical Indian train journey, as the passenger's comfort is taken into account and hygienic meals are provided. The price for the ticket isn't very high and since this train runs very fast, the time it takes is just 8 hours which is quite less as compared to other trains running in this route.

        Though, there has been lot of complain that this rain has been late several times, and reaching the station late making the start of the journey late from the time it has to run, I suppose this issue will be fixed soon. Since, this is a newly introduced express, it seems pretty luxurious, lavish and clean making one have a different and nice experience in the journey. The summers are very hot and during those times, this train seems perfect for the journey.

     Another good thing about this train is that it is very easy to get a seat in this train. You know, that one has to book tickets weeks or months ago to get a proper seat in a train and have it reserved but since the Shatabdi Express between NJP and Howrah is a new one, getting a seat isn't a problem, with this train running with lots of empty seats. It is even possible to get a seat in the train just hours before it leaves. Though this may not be always the same as sometimes the crowd may increase.
     But as a whole, people seem to like this new introduction to the Indian Railways and one expects to get such better services in the near future too.

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