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SEX - The Best Keyword for Your Online Articles and Blogs

    While writing online, there are various techniques that you use to gain more traffic. Getting the viewers attention to your article is very important and writing articles on various topics and using various keywords, get your article more views as they get more attention. So, what do you think would make your article very attractive? Well, Sex is the answer. Writing articles on Sex and using Sex as a keyword makes your article very eye catching and probable to be viewed.

    Well, it is human nature that we get attracted to these stuff, that is things related to sex. Imagine yourself as a reader who is surfing the internet. Once you see any ad or a link that is related to sex or an article that has sex, you tend to click it and view it. Therefore, articles with sex as a keyword and written on topics related to sex would always grab your attention. Do you believe me? If you don't, try it and you'll get the answer yourself with visible proof.

    For instance, this article, Does The Size of The Penis Matter? is an article that makes it very appealing as it is a sex related article and hence people who just sees the heading of the article, views it due to the curiosity to read the article and hence it gets more views and then you earn more money. 

    So, one thing I've learnt from my experience writing online is this and so I shared with my readers here. Your comments will be highly appreciated.


  1. You Spitted the truth out, Nischal. Lol. I think I will try the thing. :)

  2. See totally.. sex sells when blogging haha

  3. totally i want know what is the search keyword on sex marketing///
    please tell me the true keyword


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