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How I got a Free Copy of Blogging For Dummies

It was a boring afternoon and I was just at home watching some lame tv show and drinking coffee, suddenly when the doorbell rang and I find the courier guy stand in front of my door. Well, there was a courier on my name which had this book, ‘Blogging for Dummies’ which was totally the book I needed. How I got it? There’s a little story behind it.

      I am a guy who’s always there in some social networking sites, posting random stuff and there was one day I was in twitter, tweeting about random stuff and in one of those tweets I mentioned about people needing the Dummies guidebook. Then suddenly, I was tweeted by the official ‘@ForDummies’ twitter account if they could get me a book which I wanted and I even took that as a joke and again gave it a thought to check if it really was the official page and then, there is was, the verified sign. Well, the book that I would probably need it most as a blogger would be Blogging For Dummies. So, they asked me the address where they could post it and I provided them with one and just forgot about it.

     Then, after few weeks when I had even totally forgotten about it, I got it. Yay! One cool thing about it is its FREE, and who doesn’t like free goodies and secondly the book is so ideal for me as a blogger and it one book I wanted badly which I couldn’t find it in the local bookstore as well. And now I have it delivered to me at my home for free so that’s really cool. So, now time to do some reading and be a better blogger. Once again, ‘Yayyy’.


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