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Growing Up with Harry Potter: The Magical Journey of a Reader

    Harry Potter series have been a very popular book series for kids as well as the grown ups, who read this book and grew up reading these books, and I was one of them. Today there is no more Harry Potter series that is to be continued and I realized I grew up, with my life connected with various emotions related with it, and growing up reading these books.

        I still remember, the year 2001, when I was 11 years old, and first came across J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book,'The Philosopher's Stone' and then started reading it where Harry Potter too was 11 years old, making me pleased that it is a story about a boy like me. The book itself is based on a magical fantasy story, but it did also drown my life and thousands of other readers across the globe too, to the world of magic and fantasy while reading these books. As a kid, I like any other kids, always loved being in a magical land and reading the Harry Potter series took me to one. Yes, as I read these books, it transported me to a land of witches and wizards, and elves and goblins, to whom always myself like any other child would dream to be at.

       Then, J.K. Rowling wrote more books about the HP series, which were more detailed with characters, and mysteries, and the story became more mature. The story and the characters were growing up,and so was I. Yes, it is true that I grew up, with the characters of the Harry Potter series. Harry, Ron, Hermoine had become my friends and hogwards my school. For those readers who have never read the Harry Potter series may not be able to understand this fact, but I am sure the HP Fans will surely do. This story about magic became a book about friendship and love, which taught me, these values about life as I grew up.

       Though these stories were just a fantasy, it did involve human values in it. It was very pleasing and exciting to read these books, as I myself was never into books, but these books made me a book worm, crazing to read these books, finding time for it everytime. It taught me values of commitment, a lust for challenges, a alertness for incidents and an encouragement to move higher in life.

      I still remember that I used to buy all computer games, and t shirts, and all sorts of stuffs, including stationery items, toys with Harry Potter in it as a child, that this book really had real magic in it, which laid its magic in me and so many people around the world.

      It was the year 2007, the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, which I'd been waiting for it to come up, so I could just grab it from the bookstore and read it. I was so much excited about what would happen to this young wizard and his friends, and the day came, when the book was out. That time I was in high school staying in a hostel, and I realised that I was completely broke with no money to buy the book. Oh! How much I cursed myself for having spent all my money but I had had a little amount of money which I had saved from a long time, so I'd a look in it. I saw that it was exactly Rs 1000, and that was the exact price for the book. After collecting the money, I ran hurriedly towards the Oxford bookstore, as I didn't have extra money to take a cab or even a bus. That was really stupid of me, that I was so crazy to have went all the way running like an athlete, while people around staring at me while I made my way. I still remember that huge queue I had to come by while buying the book, and waiting there, every second seemed like years. Oh yes! I finally got that and it was in my hands. After that (oh god!) how I read it! I took it everywhere I went, whether it was in the school bus, or the canteen and even the toilet, I just continued reading until I was done.

          Finally, I realised that it was over. The series of Harry Potter books which I was reading was completed and there would no longer be any more books to come out again and the story had ended. Now, there would no longer be me again eagerly waiting for the next part of the book to come and no longer waiting for the next book. It was sad still I was a bit happy, that the Harry Potter series was over. Harry Potter had grew up, so had I, but his life was complete now, with everything settled and accomplished while I still had a long way to go. And yes, I am moving on with my life now, looking for more fantasies and excitement in my real life, but I must say, I miss the feeling I used to get while exploring the magical world of Harry Potter while I read the book.

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