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Five Things Not to Do at Facebook

You love spending lots of time social networking at Facebook, where you have all your friends, and you have a nice time doing all sorts of stuffs at Facebook. While you enjoy at Facebook, you maybe keeping yourself in danger from various things using your Facebook account. So, there are certain things you should not do in Facebook so keep yourself safe and protected.

     Hence. for a safer browsing experience in Facebook, I have come up with a List of 5 things which you should not do at Facebook, and they are:

1. Don't Choose Your Default Privacy Settings at Facebook
      Everyone needs privacy and even you should have one in your Facebook. Let not just anyone view your profile and get access to your details in your Facebook profile. Therefore, never try to select your Default privacy settings at Facebook, as doing so anyone can access your profile getting access to all your photos, information and updates. It is a better idea to select Friends Only.

2. Let Facebook Not Google You

   Well, this means, never agree to be search by engines. It is a different story for your Facebook friends adding you and chatting time with you, but you should never allow Facebook to list your Facebook profile in search engines like google, where any search engine can find your profile. It is better to be a bit private this way.

3. No Address, No Contact Number in your Facebook Profile
    Never put your contact number and address in your Facebook profile. It could be really dangerous, specially when your profile is public when anyone can access it.

4. No Date of Birth in your Facebook Profile

       It is really not so important to let people know how exactly old you are by giving them your date of birth. If they're your friends, they will obviously know whether you're 17 or 70, so it is really not important. Date of birth is sometimes used for security purposes for verifying banks and confidential accounts, so better not make your date of birth public and then regret later.

5. Do not Share Where you are Going in Facebook
       Do not share where you're going or leaving for in Facebook. You may be going for a vacation in the beaches, or for work up in the gym, do not share it in Facebook. There are thieves and dockets all around and you may put yourself in danger.

I hope Facebook users found this useful, and would keep themselves safe using the tips above. You can leave comments about how you felt about the above.

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