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50 Things That All Nepali Students Living In Kolkata Can Relate To

Every Nepali boy or girl who is living in Kolkata or have lived in Kolkata can totally relate to all the points below:

  1. You either live in Bikramgarh or you have friends who live there.
  2. You think the best night club in the city is Tantra and the best place to drink with friends is Oly Pub in Park street.
  3. You once went to Dakshineshwar or Kalighat on your birthday.
  4. You go to Esplanade for shopping before returning home.
  5. Birthday party means calling all your friends home, boozing, and dancing until your land lord starts screaming.
  6. You’ve definitely taken pictures at South City mall and uploaded it in Facebook.
  7. And how can you forget the revolving chair at Tantra and a selfie in that huge mirror.
  8. You’re not embarrassed watching a movie in a local movie hall like Navina and you even watch it in Inox, even when you’re low with money, catching up the early morning show.
  9. You know how it is to sleep in the daytime and to be awake at night.
  10. You love the momos at Saurav daju ko momo dokan.
  11. Eco Park is something everybody visits only if they have money, time and if they know the direction.
  12. Sim Park mall is the place where you call up your friends to meet if you’re around Park Street, Esplanade or new market.
  13. You think Hill Queen provides the best bus service and you even have Ajay bhaiya’s phone number to book your tickets in advance.
  14. And yes, you will definitely meet someone you know when you go to Esplanade to see off your friend.
  15. When your family and friends come to Kolkata for a visit, you take them for a tour to Victoria Memorial.
  16. You have worked or thought of working part time in a call centre during your vacations to make extra money.
  17. The best coaching classes to take after graduation is at RICE in Sealdah.
  18. Rabindra Sarovar is the most overrated metro station.
  19. Digha is the most popular holiday destination for a weekend out.
  20. Emami and AC market is where you get the best bargains on clothes.
  21. You’ve had issues with your landlord for making noise or for friends coming over too much.
  22. You craved gundruk, raiya ko saag, iskus ko jara and kinema a lot and made sure you got some of them when coming back from home.
  23. You love spending Christmas in Kolkata because the city suddenly turns so beautiful.
  24. Not to forget, the Durga Pujo, when you tour the city, checking out the beautiful pandals and taking pictures.
  25. You actually go home quite frequently. You even make plans to go home today and leave for home tonight. You feel sad for friends living in Delhi or Bangalore you can’t do this.
  26. You actually know someone or the other who works in Wipro or HSBC.
  27. Whenever you’re walking around and you see someone Nepali guy/girl, you think the other has an attitude problem and the feeling is mutual.
  28. Due to the extreme summer heat in Kolkata, you get used to sleeping on the floor and it’s so great that way. You seriously understand why you don’t even have to buy a bed.
  29. Darjeeling Mail is the best train you could travel in, not to forget Shatabdi Express, which is the new luxury.
  30. You’ve taken a ferry from Babughat to Howrah just to check it out.
  31. You actually think it’s awful when people ask you which country you come from.
  32. You actually know how incomplete biryani is without aloo.
  33. The first bangla you learnt is “Ami Tomake Bhalobasi !!”
  34. You learnt most of your bangla talking to autowalas, rickshaw walas, taxi walas, bus conductors and not to forget that ‘dada’ at the grocery shop.
  35. You get the best biryani is Park Circus especially in Arsalan.
  36. You have gotten used to those afternoon naps or probably walking up in the afternoon.
  37. You have saved up all the coins you have so that you don’t have to argue with the auto walas for change.
  38. You’ve actually mastered the art of bargaining after moving in this city.
  39. You hate the summers and love the winters.
  40. According to what you heard before, Jadavpur = MIT and Presidency = Oxford.
  41. Whenever you meet a new Nepali friend, you find out who the common friends are and there always is one and then you talk about them.
  42. You have atleast one Bong aunty in your neighbourhood who notices you every time go out to college, come home, go for shopping, bring your friends home etc.
  43. You recommend your friends and family visiting Kolkata to get a hotel in new market and Shudder Street.
  44. When its summers, you go to a mall to buy a bottle of coke.
  45. Your favorite snack is egg roll or chicken roll.
  46. South City mall is indeed your favorite shopping mall.
  47. You’re actually quite comfortable roaming around the neighbourhood in your boxer shorts.
  48. You’ve never used a tram to travel.
  49. You get bugged when people pronounce the ‘A’ in your name as ‘O’.
  50. You wanna go home when you’re in Kolkata and you wanna go back to Kolkata, when you’re home.
If you have some points to add to this leave, do leave it as a comment below. Thank you!

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  1. How about all nepali students in Kolkata have some sort ot groups like the ones from darj.. from sikkim.. from nepal and from bhutan haha


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