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25 Things to Do Before You Turn 25

1. Attend a Music Festival

Go see your favorite band play live; getting to experience the atmosphere in a music concert, the fashion and the culture of life with those huge crowd of fans who are there to enjoy the experience of the music festival is worth it.

2. Take Your Parents For Dinner

Your parents have taken care of you and have been funding your education and life expenditure all your life so now why not get to experience the joy of repaying your parents back their kindness, love and hard work and being an adult developing your relationship with them. Taking your parents out for dinner and then paying the bill, may be a small step but that would mean a huge thing to them and would certainly give you a lot pleasure.

3. Travel to a New Country

Travelling is also fun but it also broadens your knowledge and your perspective about the world. Go travel to a new country which has different climate, cultures, languages, people and food and get exposes to the new lifestyle. There is nothing so amazing than getting to experience a different way of life widening your life skills, attitude and understanding. And yes, these experience would also make great stories to tell your friends and family.

4. Go for Adventure Sports

Trying something that terrifies you and then overcoming that fear is a way to grow up and enjoy life to the fullest. Be it sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing or taking a full adrenaline rush with a thrilling roller coaster ride, you would definitely be proud of yourself for overcoming those fears.

5. Party the Whole Weekend

There maybe many of you who have already done this but if you haven't, then go ahead to try it. Doing an "all weekender" may get a little hard as you grow old but why not, put a little balance with your responsibilities, and get to try this atleast once.

6. Be Friends with Someone From a Different Culture Who Speak a Different Language

Knowing people like that and talking them will broaden your prospect and knowledge about humanity and make you realise that we are no different from any other people, despite the different in cultures.

7.  Vote 

Take your step to elect someone to run your home country. In a democracy, every single citizen has the right to express their views so take a stand to elect someone whom you think is right.

8. Dye your Hair to a Different Colour

Or maybe change your hairstyle to a very different one. Sometimes changes are good and you never know a change may make you feel better.

9. Join a Club or Group You are Passionate About

Remember you used to be really passionate about swimming or you always wanted to join that golf club? Yes, why not go for it now. 

10. Give Up Some Friendship

Sometime you just need to let go. Not all friends are meant to be there with you forever; some come in our lives and they stay for a reason but there may come a time when you just can't have it and its hard to maintain. Holding into relationship like that won't do you any favors so its okay to let go. Those who are meant to stay will stay however it is. At the end of the day, quality matter, not quantity.

11. Learn to Love Yourself

When you step into your teen years and go through adulthood, you explore yourself for who you are, what you like to do and what you want. Now its time that you accept and embrace yourself for whoever you are, for every individual is unique so take pride for who you are.

12. Practice Charity

There is immense joy in giving. You could try volunteering to help at the elderly home or donating your old stuffs to the needy or ever give a small amount of your earning to charity. Something as little as bring smile to someone and helping someone who is really in need of help, would make a big difference in their lives and trust me it will make a lot difference in your life as well.

13. Let Go of Grudges

Holding grudges for someone will do more harm to you than to the other so its okay to let go. It's better to use that energy on something positive that would bring a better change in your life.

14. Try Going for a Blind Date

The excitement, the mysteries, the unknown result - you never know what would be the outcome of it? A blind date would be an exciting story to tell your friends, a great experience to gain and yes, you never know a chance to find love.

15. Workout and Exercise

You no longer are a teenager and sad to say, you body starts to age. Throughout your life the energy you have used studying, partying and growing up will not be easy recovering with the same lifestyle so its better if you spend some time working out and exercising for your body.

16. Cook

To eat, you have to cook and cooking can be a really fun experience too. So, if you haven't learnt how to cook, then give it a go.

17. Learn to Be Still

You may have always been busy with life whether be with studies or work but you should also learn how to just be, be still. You should develop the joy of being in solidarity doing nothing.

18. Save for Your Future.

The earlier you start saving, the better amount you can have it saved for your future. It may be for a very term but try saving even if it is little for your future or even your retirement days.

19. Go Camping Under the Sky

Get to experience the wonders of nature, with just a thin film separating you from nature. It would definitely give you so much relaxation and joy, especially when you are busy chasing the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

20. Maintain a Balance with your Finances

Money can be an asset as well as a burden but this would totally depend on how you manage your money. Learn how to balance your money for your expenses and savings and will art of maintaining balance would definitely bring a great positive change in your life.

21. Wake up in a Different World

Break your daily routine sometimes and go somewhere and just get the feeling of waking up somewhere different. Enjoy the feeling of confusion when you first wake up in a different place, then the delight of doing something different and then falling back to reality. A change from a monotonous lifestyle is healthy.

22. Try Eating Something Different

There are thousands of dishes from hundreds of cuisines around the world so why not give it a try. Even if the name of the dish is something you can't even pronounce. You never know, you may just fall in love with it.

23. Buy an Absurdly Expensive Piece of Clothing

Then leave it unworn in your closet and keep it for a special day. After all hard work you put in your life, it is okay to treat yourself sometimes. Keep it as a reward for yourself which you think you deserve it and even if you would never wear it because it was too expensive and you would not even get rid of it because that costed you a fortune.

24. It is OK to say NO

Saying "no" is also a skill and its okay to say no to thing you feel about. This could actually bring a drastic chance in your life.

25. Be Alone

We get busy with our lives with our family and friends but sometimes you need to learn to be alone. You need to get time to enjoy with yourself so enjoy some time being alone and enjoy it to various levels you never thought you could.

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  1. Damn man, I havent even done 5 of these things lol


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