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22 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Darjeeling

No beautiful mountains, no serene views, no amazing weather, no warm and friendly locals. Why would you visit Darjeeling?

  1. There is zero greenery in Darjeeling.
  2. Yes, I don't see greenery anywhere
  3. The mornings are boring. The sunrise from Tiger Hill from the majestic Kanchenjunga is something one can see from anywhere in the world so what’s so special about it.
  4. A view you can get from anywhere in the world nothing special./
  5. Riding the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways is not great. So what if it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with Ghoom railway station being Asia’s highest elevation station. So what the Darjeeling Railways gives you a beautiful example of Darjeeling’s history and British civilization in an amazing way. Not a big deal.
  6. UNESCO World Heritage, not a big deal?
  7. Darjeeling has the worst views in the world. The view of the Himalayas, rolling hills and tea gardens is something you can see anywhere.
  8. Definitely the worst view, right?
  9. You do not get the world’s finest tea, known for its strong aroma around the world.
  10. A women picking tea leaves in a tea garden.
  11. There isn’t anything historical about this town.
  12. View of Darjeeling during the British Indian Rule.
  13. The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling doesn’t have anything to see. The Siberian Tiger, The Red Pandas, The Himalayan Black Bear, The Snow Leopard, The Clouded Leopard are animals that are not endangered and are found in any zoo.
  14. The Clouded Leopard, found in Darjeeling, can be found everywhere and is so common.
    Oh you have a pet clouded leopard too?
  15. The food here are bland and uninteresting.
  16. These momos, and not delicious right? Are you sure your mouth isn't watering?
  17. If you were to travel all the way here, you would have zero #skyporn instagrams.
  18. No skyporn for Instagram?
  19. There isn’t anything fun and interesting to do here. No place for hiking and no hills to trek.
  20. Darjeeling definitely has no place for trekking and hiking.! duh!
  21. There is nothing exciting, adventurous and thrilling to do here. White water river rafting, paragliding, rock climbing are few boring stuffs to do in Darjeeling which is not fun at all. One can actually do all those at the comfort of their homes.
  22. White water river rafting in river Teesta. Not adventurous right?
  23. The town doesn’t have any beautiful religious monuments, defining the diverse culture in Darjeeling. One may not find any Hindu temples, churches, Buddhist monasteries in this town and the famous Japanese peace pagoda is also not situated in Darjeeling.
  24. Druk Thupen Sangay Choeling Buddhist Monastery is located at Dali, Darjeeling.
  25. There has been no films that have been shot in Darjeeling. Tons of movies from the Bengali film industry, popular Bollywood blockbusters like Main Hoon Na, Barfi, Yaariyan, etc were also not shot in Darjeeling.
  26. Still from Barfi, shot in Darjeeling. Wait a minutes, Barfi shot in Darjeeling?
  27. Darjeeling doesn’t have the World’s first passenger ropeway.
  28. Yes this is not in Darjeeling as well.
  29. You see zero tourists in Darjeeling that come to see the snowfall, which is very ugly and not appealing.
  30. What is so beautiful about this right?
  31. The night view of Darjeeling lack any kind of charm or beauty.
  32. Darjeeling has no charm at night. Absolutely ugly.
  33. Taking a walk around here is mind-numblngly dull.
  34. So Dull!
  35. Who would want to wake up to this view outside their window? NOT ME.
  36. View of the mighty Kanchenjunga peak outside your window? Huh?
  37. The people aren’t really that friendly too plus you don’t even see a smiling face.
  38. No one's smiling.
  39. Also, there is nothing festive and cultural in Darjeeling.
  40. Cultural performances during the Darjeeling tourist festival, wait a minute.. oh?
    400 guitarists gather together performing Imagine by John Lennon in Darjeeling for promoting love and peace and against rape cases. How can this be generous and nice?
  41. This isn’t even a place where you could escape to the hustle and bustle.
  42. Ohh too crowded and noisy and what?
  43. There is nothing beautiful so never visit Darjeeling.
  44. See there is nothing beautiful in Darjeeling.

If you still did not understand the sarcasm then check this : 22 Reasons Why You Should Visit Darjeeling Right Now.


  1. Haters gonna hate. Your dull of soul, you lack in aesthetic senses. And tell me which place that exists on Earth can you find all the mentioned absence of things as mentioned above.
    Open the link below and read if you can. Better keep ice cubes near you incase you melt with the facts.


    1. She was clearly "Hating" on Darjeeling ... sigh..

    2. Sadly you didn't get the sarcasm behind this point about Darjeeling

  2. This is totally fake..............
    Darjeeling is Darjeeling..................

    1. Try to read between lines and understand the sarcasm behind it. Then you would get it

  3. Yeahh..yeah..there's nothing special about "Our Darjeeling" :)

    1. :) glad you understood and appreciated the beauty of Darjeeling with sarcasm

  4. Liked the way you praised our Darjeeling. :)

  5. Ur Sarcasm clicks..NICE how you praise Darjeeling....

    1. It was a little different idea but glad to see it worked and was well appreciated

  6. I liked it.....though it is boring!!!!

  7. wow..good one..Expecting more on Darjeeling..Please keep it up

    1. I hope with this article you got more reasons to actually visit Darjeeling

  8. Excellent job by the Blogger. He is tempting everybody to see the Darj. Good work.

    1. Yea it was a different style of writing to tempt the readers to visit Darjeeling. Glad to see it worked totally

  9. Nice one liked the humor, dark humor

  10. well said.. and you should have mention the indefinite strikes,,as well..

  11. And I....will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , Darj !

  12. hope our darj will retain such beauties fr eternity..... liked it...

  13. Darjeeling is a paradise. A few points mentioned are true, but most are ironic. Visit and see for yourself, for everyone has a different perception and a right to express it. :)

  14. Excellent praise in a negative way which we have to read between the lines

  15. Sarcasm is for smart people. Not morons. ;)

  16. YOU PROMOTE all the lovely things of Darjeeling !! Thats wy we will visit Darjeeling for the 5th time coming april !! Because we LOVE all the things YOU PROMOTE !!!

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that you loved our town and we hope to welcome you again

  17. Thats bull shit it is the best place.

    1. looks like you didn't read it or understand the SARCASM

  18. Darjeeling is beautiful .Your sarcasm was on point , good job. :)

  19. Cleverly presented the facts. Above mentioned reasons made me feel not to visit Darjeeling ever. Especially in those unappealing snowy days. :D


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