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15 Reasons Why You Should Live Abroad

It isn't a thing to be surprised to see so many young people who dream to explore the world and to get acquainted with new cultures and people. We all get the exposure to a very multicultural atmosphere, merely due to the media like televisions and internet. It is rare that you have not come across a picture of somewhere far away country which is beautiful and had not wished to pack your bags and travel all the way.

   Moving into a new country whether be it for education, work or business, for a long time may be a little scary for some people and taking that move into a new country, with a very unfamiliar atmosphere may not be really easy for everyone. But actually taking this move and blending in the new country with the new environment can be really helpful for you as a person as well as lots of studies so it. Well, let us see how that can benefit.

Still, moving for business or education purposes, for longer periods of time can seem scary to a lot of people. It is a big move to relocate to a completely unfamiliar environment, and not everyone has what it takes to just get up and move. This is actually a big waste since the benefits of living abroad are numerous and significant. It makes the person richer for a very significant experience. There are numerous studies that show how experiencing life in a different country can make a person smarter, wittier and more charismatic. Let’s see what some of those benefits are.

1. You Get Independent

Moving to a new country and getting away from your home and family to an entirely new environment may seem a little hard but living alone would actually force to stop relying on others and start depending in yourself. There is no one to help you with your everyday errands and you need to do everything for yourself which means getting to learn and acquire new skills which would be beneficial to you. Especially, young people who have been dependent upon others their all life gets a chance to be independent.

2. You Gain Creativity

Getting exposed to a new culture and environment will give you an excellent opportunity to develop your problem solving skills. When a person gets the exposure to a new social and cultural environment, he enters a social puzzle for adjusting and learning about the new culture thus actually getting a chance to learn about it and then adapt him to the unfamiliar conditions he has never been a part of.

3. You Gain Flexibility

Getting exposed and living in a new cultural environment will make you adapt to changes and will allow you to gain knowledge about those new living standards. You gain flexibility to adapt to those changes and develop the skill to adjust to different social rules and living standards. This experience will make you really flexible in adapting to changes which could be really useful in the future when facing such situations.

4. You Gain Tolerance

Intolerance is basically due to ignorance and fear.  Moving to a new country and living in it will make you understand about new cultural norms, lifestyle, people and culture which was unknown to you. There is no better way to understand and learn a culture than to experience and live it. Even if you go back home, you develop the skill of acceptance and intolerance and will have the enthusiasm to learn about different cultures.

5. Your Interest in Cultures Develop

Once you start getting yourself acquainted to new cultures, you would never stop it. This experience is like getting to use that part of your brain you never knew even existed. You develop a new perspective in life and start treating people in a different way. You outlook of life will change and you will never stop to explore.

6. You Learn How to Adapt to Different Environment

Most people spend most of their time living in one place. They are very much familiar about their hometown, city or country but when they are exposed to a new place, they panic. Moving abroad will make you overcome the fear of change and will actually force you to adapt. Force isn't a bad thing and comes naturally hence one learns how to adapt themselves to changes, increasing their level of alertness and adaptability.

7. Learning New Languages

Even if you are try to learn a new language or not, being in a new country will develop your language learning skills. You get to talk to and be friends with people who speak a different language than you, making you actually pick up few words from that language. No wonder learning a new language has become a great skill and living in a new country is one big way to do so.

8. You Discovers Your New Interests

People have different interests whether it be with sports, musics and basic things you like. Living abroad is a continuous way of learning and exploring new things. You get exposed to so many new things that you actually get interested in so many new things you never knew. You horizon of your interests broadens. You get to try various new activities thus widening your prospect of what thing for fun and what you like are.

9. You Gain Skills to Use in a Different Cultural Environment

When you move into a new country for work or study, it is not just you but there are various other people from other countries as well who have moved there. Exchanging ideas and having a conversation with people from various nationalities will broaden your knowledge about cultures which could be really beneficial to you as a person and as a professional. After all, when you are working as a professional, knowledge about different cultures would be highly beneficial and  would be highly sought by multinational corporate companies and clients.

10.Your Fear of Challenge will Fade

Moving and living in a new country abroad is a big challenge which takes a lot of courage and dedication. When you actually manage to overcome those stepping stones, you will lose fear of challenges that come henceforth in your life.

11. Your Knowledge About Global Issues Expands

Being familiar with global issues with news and media is one thing and getting to know it by actually talking to people directly about things is another. Your knowledge about the various things happening in life becomes real which was just superficial before. 

12. You Know How to Overcome Cultural Shock

Cultural shock is real and getting homesick is very natural. Some people actually have a very traumatic experience getting to adapt to a new culture. If you have overcome cultural shock once, then it won't be much of a problem the other times in the future. Simply things like talking to your friends from back home to watch your favorite tv show can help you overcome cultural shock. Knowing about the culture from various medias like internet, travel videos and book could help a lot as well.

13. You Learn About Different Business Environment

Business standards are different in different places. Something that is very much okay and normal in the western business environment may be rude in the east. Getting to learn about various business environment and being familiar with it will be a great tool for you as a professional. Knowing a particular language and having an ideas about a country or culture will be a great skill as a business professional.

14. You Change Your Life' Perspective

There are various way you can live your life. Many people do not know this because they have not met someone who is very different from how they are. Different country follow different lifestyles and spending time following a different lifestyle will widen the horizons and change your perspective of life completely.

15. You have more charisma

You become aware and confident about knowing what is true and taking decisions and you don;t need anyone to tell you what is right and what is true. Travelling and living abroad will change this in your personality. You make your mind richer and gain confidence in yourself hence making yourself more appealing to others. A person who has a lot of interesting stories to tell, experience to share that have molded you into being a better human being and has shaped you to become the person you are, the friendly appearance and the welcoming smile that all travelers who have traveled places share - these are those few things that develop your social skills and life.

       The photos you take, the sights you see, the souvenirs you collect, everything fades away with time but the experience remain and changes you. A change to be a better person and this will always be remembered and cherished by one in their mind to the very end. So don't let anything fear you and hold you back - instead go there to the whole world waiting for you and meet those various people from around the world. It will be fun and life changing, I assure!

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