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100 Things to Do Before You Die: Another Bucket List for Everyone like You

A boon of one life you get, years to live and then what you do while living this so called few days to live life. So, while living this life, I guess you should never miss those parts of life tha'ts worth doing and living so, I have come up with this article, mentioning the 100 things that you should do before you die and end up this life.

    I have made these 100 things to do before you die as small brief points without much explanation, making it short and simple, so do check out the 100 things to do before you die points as mentioned below:
  1. Fall in love
  2. Visit a hill station
  3. Throw a party and invite all your friends
  4. Get into a wild fight with someone
  5. Help a complete stranger
  6. Visit a foreign country
  7. Experience an extreme sport or a thrill adventure like bungee jumping, huge roller coaster ride, paragliding,etc
  8. Laugh until you cry
  9. Break a record
  10. Swim with a dolphin or a turtle or any big
  11. Go for a trek
  12. Cut your hair yourself
  13. Attend a protest rally
  14. Blow a kiss to an unknown hottie
  15. Make a small baby smile
  16. Send flowers to your crush without your name
  17. Smile randomly at 100 strangers - I guess you'll get 75 back
  18. Maintain a dairy for a year at least
  19. Google your name
  20. Spend a day in silence without talking to anyone
  21. Try calling or mailing your childhood crush or sweetheart
  22. Get your fortune told by a fortune teller, whether you believe it or not, it is interesting to hear
  23. Get an applause from an audience for a performance
  24. Have a heartbreak
  25. Get drunk with your friends and then go for a late night walk
  26. Tell your parents how much you love them
  27. Fast for a day or a two and experience how it feel to be hungry
  28. Gain weight
  29. Teach an illiterate to read
  30. Go for a holiday out in the sea, swimming, water sports, sea food and all the fresh air of sea.
  31. Play a joke on someone
  32. Carve your name in a tree 
  33. Turn off your mobile phone for 10 days
  34. Experience rock climbing
  35. Learn how to ball dance
  36. Spend a night in a haunted house
  37. Go for a camping in a forest
  38. Break your virginity
  39. Kiss a total stranger
  40. Go for a camping in the forest
  41. Throw a party and invite all your friends
  42. Tell someone to take a photograph of yourself sleeping and then upload it in Facebook
  43. Give your parents roses and tell how much they mean to you
  44. Travel in India in a train
  45. Sing in the front of an audience, no matter how bad it may get
  46. Drive your own car
  47. Be in TV, whether it be a part of a movie, a reality show or an audience in a TV show
  48. Cry loud all your pain until you actually start smiling
  49. Plant a tree
  50. Watch the sunrise
  51. Teach someone
  52. Go for a cruise
  53. Travel in an aeroplane
  54. Cook something delicious and give everyone a treat
  55. Take classes for something you've never done but always wanted to do, like painting lessons, or piano classes or something interesting
  56. Take an off in your birthday and travel somewhere far from the busy city
  57. Bike ride in a beach                                              
  58. Ride a horse in the hills
  59. Donate something
  60. Attend a live concert
  61. Go for a safari and see wildlife in the wild
  62. Make your own kite and fly it
  63. Fall asleep watching the stars
  64. Go for a holiday with your best friend
  65. Hug someone and make someone low feel good
  66. Build a sand castle
  67. Learn a foreign language
  68. Shop until you are broke
  69. Donate your Blood
  70. Take a shower under a waterfall
  71. Visit a historical monument
  72. Witness an eclipse
  73. Ask someone out who is 15 years older than you
  74. Test drive a car you can't afford
  75. Go out for a travel without any luggage
  76. Go on a blind date
  77. Shave your head                                                                 
  78. Have an ice cream in a cold day
  79. Video yourself doing something stupid and upload it in YouTube
  80. Get sun tanned
  81. Get into a wild physical fight with someone
  82. Create your own website
  83. Write a fan mail to your favorite celebrity
  84. Take a ride in a giant roller coaster
  85. Learn some magic tricks
  86. Play some pranks with your friends
  87. Sleep in the open air for the whole night
  88. Touch a tiger
  89. Get drenched in a heavy rain
  90. Buy something with your hard earned money and gift it to someone special
  91. Skip a meal and feed someone very hungry
  92. Have a candle light dinner
  93. Travel somewhere far alone
  94. Live in an island for few days
  95. Extinguish a huge fire
  96. Babysit for a day
  97. Window shop in a shop for hours, see stuffs and then don't buy anything
  98. See a platypus
  99. Eat something bizarre, like some raw seafood and something alive
  100. Write a story of your life

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