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Couples Out on Valentine’s Day to be Married Off: My Response to this Preposterous Hindu Mahasabha’s Idea


It’s 10 days to go for Valentine ’s Day and as what I totally expect, there is another weird, senseless and brutally stupid news that has come up in our mighty nation of great culture and tradition. As I was surfing the Internet, I came across this news which had the headline, ‘Couples Out on Valentine’s Day will be married off: Hindu Mahasabha – Times of India’.

    Well, what was my response to that? As a normal human being, my response to that was a big laugh (LOL) as to how stupid and senseless this was, then followed by a feeling of pity on those people who represent a religious organization planning on all these weird ideas and then ashamed of my people, for how one could even think of such unacceptable ideas.
     India has been a land of varied culture and traditions and the Hindu traditions have always preached love, like all religions do. But a Hindu organization coming up saying that Valentine ’s Day is a ‘foreign festival’ and then coming up with such weird ideas is just off limits. Not at all proud saying this but our country has been in such a situation where we have so much of hate crimes going on, where women are raped even now and then, wives have been victims of domestic violence and marital rapes and youngsters have been so much consumed with the idea of conservative traditions and social narrow mindness resulting in suicide cases and crimes, and there has never been a single religious organization that has come up to raise awareness on these issues.

    A religion preaches love and peace and so does Hinduism and really sad to say but our religious leaders preach hate and condemn love. We’ve never heard ancient stories about Krishna and Radha being married off because they were ‘Caught Together’, and yes even labelling ‘Valentine’s Day’ as a ‘foreign festival’ which is nothing but a day to celebrate love with loved ones; while the Hindu leaders have no problem using foreign products and foreign made technologies.

      The Mahasabha national president, Chandra Prakash Kaushik, while talking to Times of India said, ‘We are not against love, but if a couple is in love then they must get married. In case the couple claim that they need time to think about marriage, we will tell them that if they are not certain, they should belittle love by openly going around together. We will also inform their parents.’

Well, Mr Kaushik, you believe that if a couple is found together in Valentine’s day, they should get married and you have taken the initiative of getting everyone married that day whom you catch, so why not quit your job as a religious leader and become some marriage specialist or a wedding planner. If a couple are in love and they should get married, what about those couple who have issues like infidelity, domestic violence, and marital rape and child marriages? Why do you attack love and remain silent on issues that should actually be looked upon? I am no expert on your religious whatever but no religion preaches hate, but you have a problem when one kisses in public and very much okay when one pisses in public. Couples on Valentine’s day together in public is one big problem for you while you don’t even speak up when publicly women are molested and sexually harassed; even if you do, you blame the victim. Wow, I salute you sir and your idea about how stupid you think our people are but sorry to disappoint you, we are not. We condemn whatever ideas you have and do not give a rat’s ass about your religious bullshit.

    As a Hindu, I know what a human should do, what respect I owe to my religion, to god and to people and I am not that stupid to fall for your stupid beliefs. And the strangest thing is you yourself have no idea what you and your people are thinking or what point you have. Hinduism is a religion, where since thousands of years, stories and epics were told about god and goddess celebrating love, like Krishna and Radha, who for your information were never married and Krishna flirting with Gopis, none of whom were also married to him or Draupati getting married to the five Pandav brothers. Let’s not talk about sex now because our religion has celebrated sex, whether as embedded tales in Kamasutra or illustrations in caves and temples.

 So hello, the great Hindu leaders in Uttar Pradesh and everywhere else in India, before you even think of such ideas, just look at yourself for how stupid you appear and then remember, yes just remember, the people of our nation India, isn’t stupid nor do they care about your ideas. And people, speak up on this. No one should feel threatened in our nation to love and to be loved.

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