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Best Apps To Improve Your Selfies

Everyone is obsessed with selfies. Selfies have become a fad and the word ‘selfie’ has even become inducted into the Oxford English Dictionary.

          Just login to your Facebook account and your newsfeed is flooded with friends making faces that even ducks never would, but there’s no shame in this now. Selfies have become a thing. When you meet a celebrity, you no longer get an autograph or have a picture taken but instead ask for a selfie. Whenever you come across some old friends, what do you do? Of course, you take a ‘groupie’.
     So, to enhance the quality of your selfie and have your selfies look better, I am going to list apps that would enhance and improve your selfies which is available both on iTunes and Play Store.

Facetune: Facetune is basically a photo editing app that helps you to improve every aspect of your picture. Whether it be erasing blemishes and marks from your phase or adding amazing effects to the pictures, this app lets you make tons of changes with a swipe of your finger.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam: YouCam Perfect is a perfect application for selfies in your phone as it comes with very interesting features like automatic trimming and totals to manually remove wrinkles, removes area areas of skin, or delete any kind of imperfections. Another great feature of this application as a selfie app is that you can also change forms like making your face looker thinner or eyes look bigger or brighter and even completely remove objects from the background.

FrontBack: FrontBack is an amazing app that has this unique feature that uses both your front and rear camera. This app lets you take a photo with the front camera and another photo with your back camera and then combine both the photos into one image. You can also share these photos directly in various social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Camera 360: Camera 360 has been everyone’s favorite for taking selfies for a long time. You directly choose the effect you want and take photos without having to manually edit them. Features like magic skin for instance has been very popular taking selfies resulting in clear and spotless skin selfies.

PicsArt: PicsArt has been one of the best photo editing apps and this as well can be used as a powerful app to improve your selfies. You can layer various filters, making corrections like removing blemishes and spots, changing and replacing colors and many more. PicsArt is indeed a mini photoshop for your phone.

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