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8 Amazing Jobs For People Who Love to Travel: Traveling Professions

You don’t want a 9 to 5 kind of job. You don’t even like spending your day sitting on a chair. Neither do you like the idea of an ideal office job, which probably makes you sick thinking of and can’t even imagine having one. You are the happiest when you travel, see new places, and meet new people and have fun. Well, there actually are professions that you can take that makes you travel, so doing job means you get paid for what you love to do.
     Below are the 8 amazing jobs you can take as a profession if you love travelling that involves a traveling job.

1. Photographer and Camera man
A job to work behind the camera capturing images from all over the world. You may work as a part of a crew or be a freelancer, the nature of this job makes you travel to various outdoor locations. You could work with a television crew or a film, and then travel to various locations and have a great holiday at various places every instant as a part of your job. This job may get really strenuous sometimes with having to travel with huge cameras, in various difficult locations, but with a camera as a tool, you have a wide possibility. You choose what you want to go for, whether it be wildlife, landscape or people. One could also work for various magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs as a photographer. Fashion photography is also an option with a wide and fun career prospect.

2.  Cruise Crew and Cabin Crew
Cruises are huge, luxurious and fun. There are so many options for jobs as a cruise crew like bar tenders, waiting staffs, managers, entertainers or technicians in the cruise. A job where a lot of hard work is needed with the downside to stay away from home for a long time, but cruise crew have their own share of parties and deck space, with all the hard working job. Plus you get to travel the world which doesn't involve you to burn a whole in your pocket.
    Cabin crew jobs as well gives you opportunities to travel, but on air. You may work as a flight attendant and fly to various national and international locations and enjoy layovers at various destinations. This job as well needs you to be flexible with various work shifts and long shifts for long distant flights, but you get to travel as a part of your job.

3. English Teacher
   You may not actually be aware of this but there is a high demand for English teachers in countries where there is an absolute demand for English tutors and teachers. South East Asian countries, especially recruit lots of teachers for English, with countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia being very popular choices. This gives you a huge chance to travel and explore the beautiful landscapes, wide and contrasting cultures and excellent cuisines.

4. Tour Guides
   One may not choose this as a full time career but you can surely use this one as a part time job. So you’re a frequent traveler and have backpacked in various destinations, so you may use your knowledge and experience to make money having all the fun. All you need is to guide a bunch of tourists to various locations, organize their trips and accompany them, while having all the fun of travelling.

5. Travel Writer
Yes, you can actually get paid to travel. You travel to places. Check in a hotel, dine at various restaurants and enjoy the soothing spa and write about it and get paid. Yes, it is not very easy as it sounds and you need to establish yourself very well in order for various firms and companies to sponsor your travels and pay for you to write about it. But if you have a flair for writing and your feet itch to travel, then get your laptop and begin. You can start with blogging and doing various freelance writing on travel and before you realize, you will have offers coming in to you.

 6. Host for a Travel Show
Nothing could be more amazing travelling, getting paid for travelling and then being on TV travelling. If you are a good speaker, love interacting with people and love travelling of course, then this may be a chance for you.  Travel shows are not just related to travels but food also is an integral part and you should love eating and trying out various dishes as well. Not a very easy field to get in to and would require to slog for a long time too, but if you have a flair for speaking, can play with your words and entertain people, then not an impossible idea to get a sponsor too. A degree in mass communication and media may be an advantage in this field of course.

7. Foreign Service and Diplomats
   This one probably the highest paying and the hardest to get jobs in this list as well as the most sought out job. Obviously you should be academically competent and clear various civil service examinations. Especially, in our country, where student dedicate themselves so much to clear various of these competent examinations, it may be really competitive; a rat race with not so many winners.

8. Archaeologist
Did you always love history as subject in school? Do various forts and monuments excite you? If digging to the past and discovering it is something that fascinates you, then a job as an archaeologist may be the one for you. A job as an archaeologist involves you to travel to various historical sites, with lots of research and works to be done on sites and in laboratories. As exciting and interesting the job may seem, it may also be physically strenuous. But profession as an archaeologist pays well and you never know, you could be the one to be national recognized just in case you discover something important.

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