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10 Types of People You Find in Facebook

Facebook has become the most used social networking site, used by almost everyone in the Internet social network and with so many users accessing Facebook frequently, there are certain types of people we come across every day. Based on the various things they do, basically I have categorized them in 10 different types. So here is the list of 10 types of people you find in Facebook.

1. The News Feed Spammer: Now these are the type of people we all have in our friend list. They're the ones always updating their status every five or ten minutes & they do not even care that their posts are annoying making other people scroll without even reading it properly. They're the type of people who feel the need to let their entire friend list know what they're doing, what they're thinking, where they're going and what they're eating etc. Their updates be like "Taking a shit, feels so relaxed"  "I think that people should stop being so annoying"  "Going to a party tonight, yeah baby."  "Getting myself a pizza." “I am drinking water”. OK wow but now you should stop.

2.  The Stalkers: Now these type of people are the most dangerous type of people and are the ones who just use Facebook for one thing i.e. Stalking. They don't even update a status neither do they change their profile picture, they don't even like or comment in anything of yours but the next day you meet them they're like "oh yeah I'd seen the picture of your new pet." Like omg did you? Because man, you rarely are in Facebook. They are the ones who timeline looks like they haven’t logged in Facebook since months but they are always there watching every move of yours.

3.  The Tag-er: Well do you ever just open your Facebook after a long tiring day and you see some notifications & one of it says "____ Tagged a photo of you" & when you click on that to see you're just like they just took a selfie of themselves and tagged 50 people in it. That’s not just it, every picture they upload, they make sure they tag all the people they know and the irony is with 50 people tagged in their picture, and they’ve got only like 2 likes.

4. The Profile Picture changer: These people are the ones who are a little confused because apparently it looks like they cannot make up their mind as to which picture of theirs will really look good as a profile picture. They're either changing their photo every hour or every day like we get it that you have a lot of good looking photos of yourself and that you're confused but honestly it's the same face you have so next time you change your profile picture, please keep for at least four days.

5. The "invited you play the game" Person: Hey bro, I get it! You love playing these stupid games on Facebook but seriously I do not want to play Farmville and plant tree for you on your farm neither do I want to play Candy Crush and get my brain crushed by not being able to cross a certain level. Nobody is stopping you from playing them just don't bother me by sending the game requests every now and then when you clearly know that they don’t play it.

6. The Drunk: These people are the ones who don't know what on earth they're even updating but somehow directly or indirectly we know that they're drunk by their posts and these posts are updated so much in a span of two or three hours, you go deffo gotta check it out because who'd wanna miss it? Oh but the next morning those posts are gone, LOL. Oh yes you’re sober in the morning and realize what a mess you created and you finally removed them. Thank you.

7. The ones who TyPe LyK DiSs:  I seriously don’t see how it is cool WhEn YoU tYpE LiKe tHiS! I mean it irritates the reader who is reading it and so does it kill English language. And if you think that is cool and seriously, Rest in Peace you’re ‘coolness.’

8. The Sad Souls: These people are on a constant rampage about their sad life or they're just naturally sad. Every update is like "life sucks"  "can't sleep :("  "no love"  "I want to die" & the ones in their friendlist are also tired of asking them what's wrong? Because they're like "oh nothing much I'm fine." You can't understand them, you just can't.

9. The Wannabe Photographer: Yes, you own a Nikon and yes, you have your own page and Yes, you watermark your pictures but honestly you're just a teenager with a DSLR camera and that doesn’t make you a photographer. Okay some of your pictures might be nice and you want to learn, that’s totally fine but then self-boosting yourself and blowing your own trumpet with a self-confessed tags as a pro and photographer is just irritating and funny.


10. The Weird Name Ones:  This one time I got a friend request from a boy with the name "Tero Budi Mero X" (your wife is my ex) I laughed so hard I choked. The other one was "Try Meh” like no I don't wanna try you. I mean waddup bro don’t you have a decent name? I bet your real name would sound much better so the next time you send someone a friend request, they actually accept it.

Written and compiled by Krishmand Chettri
Krishmand is a student a class 12 of Dr. Graham Homes, Kalimpong. This is her views on Facebook.
Edited by Blaber Blogger.

If you have some suggestions on this article and various other types of people you've come across in Facebook, do share in down in the comment section below.


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