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10 Things Only Men Who Can’t Grow Beards Will Understand

While there are guys who have hairs coming out from their ears and finger nails, there are some who can’t even grow a stubble! There is no balance. Probably, you could blame Anil Kapoor for having all the share. So, if you’re nil with your facial hair potential, there are 10 things that you could totally relate to:

1. You feel like you’re one in a million and actually crave more to have a beard at least. When a girl actually thinks a guy with a stubble looks good, you feel left out and see that you don’t have a chance. You feel like you could probably find a girl with a stubble than have one.

2. Remember those times in school when even before it was time, you bought a razor and try to shave thinking you would get some hairs in your face and you waited, waited and waited and the time never came.

3. Worst of all, when people think you’re young and comes with various nicknames like ‘bacha’ and ‘chikna’ because you look younger than your age and this isn’t a good thing sometimes especially with the nickname.

4. Good part is like you never have to worry about your facial grooming or buying razor kits. You don’t even have to worry about your boss shouting at you that you for why didn’t you shave. You’re naturally shaved.

5. You get drowned in discomfort when your friends talk about beards and what style of beards you should cut. When friends are experimenting with different shaves and cuts of beard to try and experiment, you just feel you were invisible.

6. Because you look young, people think you are immature. Just because you don’t have beards, people think you’re childish who is just in their teenage years or probably haven’t hit puberty yet and may not take you seriously.

7. Yes, once in two months you need to shave a little for the little hairs that grow and when you shave, you have bruises and cuts all over. Doesn't happen to others but why me aye?

8. You want to try out a new look? Can’t get one. You see people who transform their entire look by experimenting with their facial hair, whether it be Ranveer Singh with his moustache or Ranbir Kapoor with his French shave and you’re like what can I do for myself?

9. Even if you decide to have your facial hair, it first takes months to come and when it comes, it just looks like patches of hair appearing very unevenly on your face.

10. You actually save money, on buying razors, shaving creams and gels, after shave lotions and visiting the salon for having a clean shave. You may probably buy it once which may last for months or even years.

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