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10 Simple Ways by which Every Middle Class Indian Can Afford an International Holiday

An International vacation is every middle class Indian’s dream and as most of us fall in the category, we think that it is a dream that cannot come true. Well, it’s true that traveling to International destinations can be really expensive, with some good planning, the dream of an International holiday for an Indian middle class can be affordable. Let me tell you few ways how you can achieve you International vacation dream.

1. Plan in Advance
A Middle class income budget may not be very high and you will probably be traveling with a shoe string budget, so to minimize you costs, start planning in advance. Start few months before and start getting information about where you are going to travel, for how long you are going to stay, which places you want to cover, etc.

2. Research on your Travel Destination
Search online about the place you are planning to visit and get information. Get to know about the place, about the food, weather, etc. If you come from a warmer region and you’re planning to travel to a cold region, then buying warmer clothes and shopping would add cost to your budget. Researching about your destination would make you understand what you should carry and pack from home reducing your cost budget.

3. Go to Different and Unobserved Places
Just because everyone is taking a trip to Switzerland doesn’t mean that you should also plan your International holiday to Switzerland. Know what your heart seeks and follow it. There are so many places where people don’t visit much and you may actually like it better there. If your heart loves the sea and islands, then Switzerland may not be ideal for you. Plus, remember, unobserved and undiscovered places will be cheaper due to low tourist flow and that’s where your unique pictures in Facebook will come from. You should definitely check 20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oman Right Now

4. Book your Tickets early
Your expense may be really high when it comes to International travels but there are surely ways to minimize it as well. Try booking your tickets early as possible, as this way the cost will be really low than usual. Also check for sale season of airfare and various discounts and offer you can avail so that your travel cost gets low.

5. Look for cheap accommodation options
If you’re looking for a budget holiday then staying in a luxurious hotel may not be a part of it. Try locating local Bed and Breakfast where the accommodation cost would be really cheap plus the meals would also be taken care of. Visit youth hostels where you can easily avail stay at very cheap rates. There are various NGOs as well which can provide you stay after verifying your documents. Another option is registering yourself with CouchSurfer, which lets you stay with locals and have a homestay experience, where lodging maybe dirt-cheap or even free. This will also let your experience the exotic local life and make you understand the local culture plus give your information about how to travel around and eat at cheap prices.

6. Avoid Peak Seasons
When traveling abroad, avoid peak seasons. Instead find out when the peak season is and travel just before the season ends or after the season ends. This way you will avoid high prices and get affordable prices on accommodation and travel without having to compromise with the season climate. Also, shopping would be really cheaper as shopkeepers will give you bargain prices as they have to clear the stock sale as the season ends.
7. Use Public Transport
Not just your international airfare, but getting around the destination would also cost you much. Use public transport like buses and trains as much as possible instead of cabs and taxis as this will cut your cost. In various locations, you can even rent a bicycle to get around which will lower your cost.

8. Consider your pre-trip cost as well
Cost doesn’t just incur while traveling but even before your travels begin. Costs including your trolley charges, visa expenses, food, clothes, vaccination, etc may incur. So make sure you budget them as well and plan accordingly.

9. Shop in local market instead of shopping malls
You can find malls at home as well where the choice is limited and the prices are very high. Try shopping at local market where you can buy local products that are unique, authentic and at cheaper rates. You can even buy great ethnic souvenirs to take home at great bargains without getting broke.
10. Get a Travel Card
For carrying money, instead of using traveler’s cheques or your credit and debit card, choose to get a travel card. This will be a cheaper option as you avoid conversion rates. Just make sure you read the various conditions of the company before you get one.

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