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10 Kinds of People You Come Across in Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram is a perfect social media where people can express themselves with pictures instead of words. Just like we find peculiar people in Facebook, we find peculiar people in Instagram as well.

    Following are the 10 Kinds of people you find and come across in Instagram.

1. The Selfie King / The Selfie Queen
Not hard to find and quite popular. With taking selfies being so much in the trend, these people do great with their Instagram account with their faces, beautiful smiles and poses of their selfies for the most part.
Photo Credit: Krishmand Chettri

2. The Foodie
They make their followers literally drool over their delicious looking meals and food they eat, posting photos of mouthwatering food from various restaurants.
Photo Credit: Rukshana Shah
3. The Traveler
Whether it’s beaches or hills or jungle hikes, these people love to travel and wander around and take pictures of every beautiful place they travel and Instagram it.
Photo Credit: Shaina Gurung
4. The Like Factory

They are those whose pictures of filled with insane number of likes no matter how simple their pictures are.
Photo Credit: Bivek Limbu
5. The Quote Quoter
The very reason most people actually know people like George Bernard Shaw, Earnest Hemingway and William Wordsworth is from the update of the quotes from their Instagram account.
Photo Credit: Prashant Pradhan
6.  The Too Much Hashtag Instagrammer
#This #Has #To #Stop #Soon
Photo Credit: Dinka
7. The Photographer
They are one of the best people to follow in Instagram which actually makes Instagram beautiful.
Photo Credit: Bikram Pratap Singh

8. The Pet Lover
They love their pets and that’s quite visible in their Instagram profile as they take beautiful snaps of their pets and upload them in Instagram.
Photo Credit: Shruty Gomden
9. The Party Lovers
They make you feel that your life is boring, while you sit in front of your laptop and watching Breaking Bad, while they are busy enjoying the party wearing the best clothes, drinking and dancing.
Photo Credit: Milan Gurung

10. The Gym Freak
They are the ones that make you feel like one fat slob while they are working out in the gym and uploading their pictures in Instagram.
Photo Credit: Pokay Rai

NOTE: The above pictures are taken from various Instagram users and are used for just reference. These pictures and description has no relation to the Instagram users and should not be taken as the user to fit the description. But these are also the users that I personally follow and are worth following. Thanks to everyone who gave me access to their pictures.


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