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10 Annoying Things People Traveling in Indian Trains Do

Trains in India widely used for short and long distance traveling with a wide railway network in India with thousands of passengers using it every day. It is said that traveling in the Indian railways is one experience everyone should experience and those who travel frequently by trains in India must know very well how annoying it can be.

   From loud aunties to flirty passengers, here are the 10 things that are very annoying which passengers in Indian railways do:

1. The Big Mouth Chatterboxes
Yes, they are the ones who love to talk a lot and be friendly and if that reminds you of Kareena Kapoor as Geet from Jab We Met, you exactly know what I am talking about. They love to chat with their random co-passengers about where they are from, where they are going, what they do,etc. Talking and knowing other people’s ‘info’ is indeed their favorite pastime.

2. Taking Your Seat
Some people arrive early and take your seat and when you arrive, polite request you to take their seats. People jumping and dying for that window seat is very common in Indian trains. Not to forget, passengers with large groups who wants you to swap their seat because of their friend or that girl or any stupid season.
3. The Food Feast
Very much common and very annoying. These passenger carry loads of food with them, like they are going for a big picnic party and eat them non-stop during the journey. But that’s not just the most annoying part. They take their parathas and achar out and ask you to try them and constantly feed you. You cannot say no as it may hurt their sentiments and then they keep on going on and on with their food.
4. Snoring
You can’t even sleep peacefully in Indian trains. When you think you will, those loud snores won’t let you. When you actually hear the harmony of snore sounds while you’re trying to sleep in the train, how much more annoying could it get.
5. Littering
One may keep their house clean, but when in a train, they don’t care. These people eat things and throw things everywhere. Finding empty bottles, food wastes, chips packet thrown everywhere in the train is so common.

6. The Antakshari Noise
A train is a public place and people get disturbed by unwanted loud noises. A lot of people traveling in groups want to pass their time so they get loud with their voices and start singing playing Antakshari like there exists no one other than themselves in the train.

7. Being Unhygienic and Dirty
This is another filthy thing you find in the Indian railways. People don’t know anything about personal hygiene and cleanliness. You never take the toilet after that uncle just came out of the toilet and you know why.
8. The Lights
There is a lot of irritating moments with the lights as well. Some people turn the berth lights off when it is just 7.30pm while some switch it on again at 2 am in the morning.
9. The Flirtings
If you’re a girl traveling alone in a train, you may have come across a lot of passengers trying to hit on you. And not just girls, even for men, by some not really hot chick who may seem like a serial killer.

10. Dumping Luggage Everywhere
People stuff their luggage everywhere there is an empty space, whether it be below your seats, between your legs, in the corridor, even making it hard to find space for you to walk.

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