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Starting a Blog: Ideas, Tips, Inspiration and Guide

      Words are great tool to express oneself and with the growing technology, words with electronic images and videos, packed in a blog post can be another great weapon of self-expression, reaching millions of people as an audience.
     Many of you may have thought of starting a blog but may have no idea how or may not even know if you should really start blogging and need a little boost.

    Let me tell you a little about my experience in Blogging. As a child growing up, I was always a blaber mouth, who loves to talk and express what is in his mind and let people know it. Expressing it as words in paper became a great way for self-expression for me. As a teenager, I wrote few articles in local periodicals and magazine and then, I had no platform for me to express myself and an audience who wanted to hear what I said. Then, I had an idea, about a platform where my words could be heard and then my journey as a Blogger started, where I started writing all I wanted to share with the words.

     Starting a Blog: How to Start Blogging?
    Starting a blog is quite easy and all you need is to sign up in a blogging platform like blogger or wordpress. Basically I prefer blogger as it’s associated with google so all my accounts in google can be connected with my blogger account like Youtube, Gmail, Picsa, etc. Well, it is basically free so you can sign up with Blogger for free or even use your existed google user name and then start blogging. The very moment you start posting your first blog post, you’re a blogger.

    Moving Ahead with the Blog: What to Blog about?
   Now this may be another question you may ask about and the answer to that is not with me but you yourself. There is no topic or category I would say is the best to blog about because the best topic to blog about is the topic in which you are comfortable, well informed about and enjoy writing about. For instance for me, I love to blog about my travel experiences, about food and restaurants, movies and music, about social issues and about the internet and blogging experiences. There are the topic I enjoy writing about hence these topic becomes the best topic to write about for me. For instance, some people follow fashion and love it so fashion blogging becomes really successful for them. If you’re a stay home mom or a housewife, blogging as your experience as a house wife or as a mom could be perfect for you. In the same way, if you’re a typical teenager, who goes to school and would love to share your experiences living as a teenager and give advices and tips to others like you, then your blog may be quite good for that.

Sticking to a Blog: Write More and Move Ahead
    Getting a miracle follower following, in just a couple of days is impossible. Blogging and patience goes hand in hand so you need to be really patient while blogging as well as you need to write more content with quality and quantity as a basis. Some people may write few blog posts and then give up or get bored, but this happens to everyone and just sticking to it, writing more, especially trying to discover your niche of blogging and writing more interesting articles frequently will help a blogger a lot.

Finding a Audience to your Blog and Promotion
    After all the blog posts you write, your blog also needs an audience. The audience you can get in your blog is from search engines like Google and for that you need to write interesting and unique article as well as focus on SEO, about which I would discuss later in details. You can also manually share your blog posts to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter which has proven to help a lot to promote your blog and get more traffic.

   Well, newbie bloggers and soon to be bloggers, I guess that’s enough for you to know to start and there is a lot more to know and discover in the journey of blogging. So, if you haven’t started a blog yet then go ahead and sign up with your blogger account and start blogging.
   If you have any questions on Blogging or anything related to this article, feel free to comment in the comment section below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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