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New Empire Bar in New Market, Kolkata: Not What You Expect But Better

Having lived in Kolkata for four years, when you think of a cool place for a drink or dinner, your inclination always go towards Park Street, those restaurants and bars popularly known for the city's limited night-life. Tantra or Roxy in Hotel Park, or probably Oly Pub, which is one of those economical and youngster's' and college student's favorite. But I suppose one does not think of a location like New Market when you think of a good place to have a drink right? Well, then you're wrong.

Menu at New Empire Bar, Kolkata
The Menu at New Empire Bar, Kolkata

Do you know the crowded and centred New Empire Cinema Hall in New Market? Oh yes you do. Well, I suppose for regular Kolkatians, this place is not unknown but there is also a bar in the cinema hall which most people must have seen and passed by. When I visited the bar for the first time, I was quite surprised that in a place like New Market in New Empire Cinema Hall, a place like this would even exist.


I sort of discovered this place a few years ago and this time, when I visited Kolkata, I went back to this place again. Just as you entire New Empire Cinema Hall, which has Dominos and KFC at the entrance, taking a left stairs will lead you directly to the bar. As you enter the bar, you will see dimmed lights, with well-lit lamps in the tables and witness well-dressed waiters waiting tables. This place isn't a posh one like what you expect at Roxy for instant but not a bad one too. Smart, friendly waiters are ready to take your orders and the menu is amazing. I didn't even expect much good food to be in the menu but it had everything from continental pastas and salads to Indian butter chicken to Oriental noodles and shrimps. This time I ordered Oriental spicy crispy chili potatoes and chicken nuggets. For drinks, I ordered bottles of Carlsberg for me and my friends.
Carlsberg beer, New Empire Bar, Kolkata
A large mug of Carlsburg

When it comes to drink, the choice is limited but not bad. I certainly didn't expect nor did I get a wide choice for selecting beer brands and good international brands like Heineken or Corona wasn't there but it still had regular, most consumed brands like Kingfisher, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Budweiser and Fosters. The beer was served in huge beer mugs, which nearly filled beer from an entire huge beer bottle. The nuggets came with fried potato chips and was good, not amazing but somewhat like a regular chicken nugget you get in a fast food stall. The crispy chili potato on the other hand was amazing. It was exactly how I wanted, spicy, hot and hadn't lost its crispiness. You also get steaks here at really cheap prices as I remember having one, earlier time I had visited this New Empire Bar.

The price too is really cheap, and almost the same as what it is in Oly Pub in Park Street but with better food, a lot better ambiance and very hospitable staff. After having few rounds of beer and those snacks, the bill was about Rs. 1200 which was really cheap, taking a look at the food and service and comparing it with other places in Kolkata.

Crispy Chili Potatoes
Chicken Nuggets

For all those young boys and girls who want to go out for a drink in Kolkata, I highly recommend New Empire Bar, which is absolutely lovely. Must try!


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