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Hut Lebanon: American Lebanese Mixed Cuisine Fast Food in Muscat

Living in the Middle East, one is always exposed to a lot of Lebanese fast food stalls everywhere and Muscat is no exception in this as well. I have personally grown fond of Lebanese fast food, whether it be a simple Shawarma or Sheesh Tawok but this place I recently discovered blew my mind.

     As a teenager growing up, I always loved fast food. Burgers, fries, aerated sodas, all those junk food was something I always craved for and then when I discovered Hut Lebanon, the food and the menu wow'd me all the way.

Avacado Shake in Al Khuwair, Muscat
The Avocado Shake

     Hut Lebanon, is a small fast food joint, like a typical Lebanese coffee shop, with chairs inside and outside the restaurant, located at a very prime location in Al Khuwair, just at the back of City Season Hotel, on the way that goes towards Hotel Platinum and Rawasco. What makes this place really different than any other Lebanese fast food joint is that the food here is a mix of American fast food and Lebanese fast food creating a different and amazing cuisine as a whole.

Texas Fries

      The menu had regular food items like burgers, fries, sandwiches and mocktails but what was different is the twist of American and Lebanese cuisine being mixed. For instance, I ordered the Lebanese Texas French Fries, which was fries, cooked in olives and jalapeno, and in some mayonnaise sauce and a little Shawarma, and served it in a platter, and still having that little crispy taste, with that amazing flavour of the jalapeno and olives, which came for just 1.500 OMR. The Manhattan Sheesh Tawok sandwich was another amazing food I have ever had, which chunks of chicken sheesh tawok meat, squeezed in pieces of bread with a regular chicken pattie and fries, dressed with

The Manhattan Sheesh Tawok Sandwich
mayonnaise and mustard sauce, which came for 1.6 OMR. For the drinks, I tried the avocado shake which was a shake of milk and avocado with a little twist of vimto in it. That seemed to be a perfect combination.

     There are plenty of folks in Muscat, who love going to fast food joints for a quick bite and their regular option would be McDonald's, KFC, Lebanese and Turkish Fast Food joints, etc which are available in plenty in the same Al Khuwair region but giving a twist to the taste buds, one should take a quick bite at this restaurant as well because I totally loved it and I guess people are there who would love this as well.

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  1. I am not sure if you get such fries anywhere else as this restaurant had this unique combination of Lebanese and American cuisine fused.. but you can always get creative and create one... at home .. at your home in San Francisco :)


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