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Farewell Oman: An Amazing Journey Ends for Another to Begin

February 2014, the month when I began my journey to this amazing country, with my first job, to my first country abroad and I was expecting it to be really fun. Well, I must say it was an experience so amazing and much more than what I expected.

I have always loved expressing myself with words and my journey in this country has inspired me to write more, blog more and travel more. In just 11 months, I have become a different person and indeed a better person. As an individual, the country of Oman exposed to a cosmopolitan atmosphere, knowing and being friends with people from different countries from around the world, working in an amazing environment and even if things seemed tough, it just got better with a positive outlook and hard work.

Indian Expat Blogger Life in Oman: Nischal Gurung

11 months later, when I decided to take my journey to another level and leave this beautiful country, it was hard. It was hard to say goodbye the people I met here and became friends with. It was difficult to leave this beautiful city, which had things I always loved, serenity, beaches, cosmopolitan population and an amazing team to work. But life is too short to be spent in just one place and I myself always wanted to explore the world so my journey here ends and another journey continues, which shall have a new beginning in a different, unknown place. So for right now, it's India, the nation I was born and raised. Homeward Bound and Farewell Oman.

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