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Choco Café: Perfect Destination For Chocolate Lovers in Kolkata

Located at a very prominent location, Choco Café seem more hidden to people in Kolkata and people who have discovered it, have found paradise. Choco Café, located in Prince Anwar Shah Road in South Kolkata and located just opposite of South City Mall, looks like an ordinary café but there is a twist.

I discovered this place many years ago and since the first time I went there, I made sure I take all my friends there. Basically, Choco Café may look like a coffee shop like Café Coffee Day or Star Bucks but there is a lot more to it. Almost everything in their menu is made up of chocolate, from your hot beverages, to coffee, to cold drinks, shakes, to cakes and pastries and even various main courses like pastas and pizzas.

My recommendation is to try their hot chocolate melting cake, which comes as a round chocolate sponge cake and cutting it comes out, hot melted chocolate oozing from it, taste of which gives you a contrast texture of the cake and the melted chocolate.

Okay, let me give a review about the last time I visited this place, a week ago. It was Friday night and I went inside around 9 pm. The place was quite busy with lot of people, and even though the place is small, there were people coming in and had only one table vacant so I hurriedly took the seat. This place used to be really quiet most of the time but maybe people have started taking notice of this Choco Café, as a lot of people come to South City Mall for shopping.

I was really thirsty so I wanted to drink something really cold. As a totally chocolate lover I ordered a chocolate sundae shake, while my friend ordered a chocolate crumble shake. The drinks were really delicious, especially the one which my friend ordered which was a chocolate shake with chocolate crumble in the drink. I thought that just having thick chocolate drinks may not quench my thirst so thought of ordering some light drink too. So, the green apple lemonade caught my attention so I thought of giving that a try. But sadly, the lemonade wasn't worth Rs 110. The lemonade was a simple lemonade with a hint of green apple syrup which just gave a little flavor of the green apple and wasn't worth it. Maybe I should just stick with chocolates in this place.

Choco Café is one of a kind café is Kolkata and the food and drinks and concept is something different and unique in the city. However, I have been to chocolate cafes in various other places and have seen better food and drinks. I think an idea of having a chocolate fondue to the menu at Choco Café would be excellent and I think that would also bring more customers to this café in South Kolkata and the people of Kolkata also would love it. I hope to visit the place again when I am in Kolkata and maybe that time I would see even more varieties in their menu.

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