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10 Reasons Why Eat in a Brazilian Churrascaria Restaurant

A Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant is a place where meat is served in a Churrasco style, which roughly in an English translation means barbecue style.

     This style of cooking started from the Gauchos in Southern Brazil and most modern Churrascaria restaurant follow a Rodizio service, where Passadors (meat waiters) come to the table with knives and meat in the skewers and cut and directly serve it to you.
   Are you wondering why you should go visit a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant to eat? Well I'll give you 10 reasons why you should go eat in a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant:

1. No Need to Choose and Eat All You Want: Have you ever gone to a restaurant to grab a bite for a steak and wondered for a while what exactly to order or got confused to order for a rib eye steak or a lamb chop? Well in a Brazilian churrascaria restaurant you don't have to worry about that. You can eat all you can and all you want. You will be offered so many different varieties and you just have to say yes or no.

Brazilian Restaurant Oman Muscat
Fresh Barbecue Style Meats
2. Unlimited Service: You don't have to worry about how much you are eating as in a Brazilian churrascaria restaurant, you can eat all you want and the service only stops when you tell the waiter that you are full and you want to stop.

One of the gourmet salad from the salad bar
Gourmet Brazlian Salad
3. Not Just Meats: A Churrasco is a totally paradise for meat lovers, but you do not just get meats but also various other Brazilian delicacies, from your delicious started like Pao de Quieju, to your Brazilian soups and salads from the salad bar. Most restaurants also have various main dishes and Brazilian signature dishes included in the package with some really tasty desserts at the end.

Not an appetizer, nor a dessert... Pineapple with cinnamon freshly grilled and carved on your table surely goes very well with your meat....
The Amazing grilled Pineapple
4. The Unique Grilled Pineapple: Brazilians have this unique concept of service grilled pineapple in a skewer, which is marinated with cinnamon and sugar and grilled and served in between the meals. This pineapple is totally different than a regular pineapple and tastes amazing with the meat.

5. Varieties in a Single Meal: You may have gone for a single meal, maybe for dinner, but you get to taste so much of food, whether it be chicken or lamb or beef or steaks.

6. You Control the Service: In this kind of restaurant, you are given flags or cards, with red and green color, using which you can signal the passadores to get more meat or pause or stop.

7. Taste What You Like and Ask More: When you are tasting the different kinds of meat and then you taste one and would like to have more of those, feel free to ask for more of that. You never know which meat you like so taste all and which you like, you may ask for more.

8. Live Service: The rodizio service in a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurants enables you to receive a live service, where fresh meats is directly brought on a skewer from the grills and passadores cut the meats and steaks directly on the table live in front of you and you just gave to tell what part of the meat you like and pick it.

9. Authentic and Different: What makes this type of restaurant really amazing is the authenticity and uniqueness. The kind of food and service is very different from the conventional restaurant service of any cuisine making you give an entirely different experience in service and taste to your palate.

The delicious Brazilian Brigadeiro

10. Desserts: After a heavy meal of meats, Brazilian desserts can be one to die for. A large variety of desserts are served in dessert carts on the table and you may choose what you like. There are lots of popular and delicious Brazilian desserts, like the famous Brigadeiro which may be a new experience to your taste buds and also a delicious touch.

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