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Why You Should Start Blogging - The Best Reasons Why

The Internet has become a dominant means of communication across the globe. It has enabled highly successful services such as e-mail and chat for direct conversation, and newsgroups and forums for publishing ideas and thoughts. People share not only opinions over the Internet, but also photographs, video, music and money. The Internet has evolved into a huge graffiti board where anyone can stick up their creations, for feedback and comments from people from all walks of life. The Internet has also produced its share of fads and failures. One phenomenon that ranks high on the hype meter is Web logs, or blogs. Being free and with - out the burden of requiring additional infrastructure, they may just become as popular as forums, attracting large, like minded communities.

Scientifically speaking…
Essentially, at the heart of it, blogging is just a personal online diary that you can share with your friends and family. They are quite like the online photo albums you can create at various Web sites, only blogs are meant to hold more text content than

Blogs are quite similar to Web forums. On a forum, the creator sets the mood and topic for the discussions, and people post their views and ideas for others to see. The forum may be moderated to allow only certain content to be made public, to maintain the quality of the forum. A moderator can also ban malicious users from a forum. Think of a blog as your own personal forum, where you are the creator and moderator. The topic of discussion is you and your activities. You can invite several people to view and comment on your posts. If you wish, you can control what they post. When you sign up with a blogging site, it creates a personal space for you that is completely under your control. 

Over time, people tend to discuss specific threads on their blogs and lots of blogs have evolved into valuable discussion chains of topics as diverse as technology, sports, art and even kung fu. People concentrate more on the quality of the content than on writing styles and punctuation— in fact, blogs enable a lot of ingenious essays to be published, which otherwise may not get published until the publishers of traditional media like them.

Personally speaking…
Blogs provide the ideal medium for sharing your daily activities with others. You can jot down all the interesting events, new things you learnt, the little foolish things you do, the pranks you play, virtually anything you want. It’s an easy way for others to keep up with you, so the next time you meet a friend, your conversation can go a bit further than, “…so what’s been up with you?”
The most important attribute of blogs is that they are personal. In a vastly pub lic medium such as the Internet, the idea
of personal space can be very compelling. Not only is it quite addictive for those who maintain these diaries, it has a similar effect on visitors too. Also, personal blogs by nature are attached with a lot of credibility—a person tends to write the bare truth, so a first-person view of the fall of the Twin Towers on a blog holds much more value than a similar write-up in the local newspaper. Readers know that behind the blogs are people who are not restrained by industry or social pressures.

Blogs can be completely personal, that is, the writer may not allow anyone to see what’s on it, but this is not the idea of the Internet. One of the primary reasons why material is published on the Net is the unhindered wide audience it automatically offers. However, a person can dictate what appears on his or her blog and what doesn't. This increases the respect and trust a blogger gains because unlike forums, though the blogger allows others to post messages on the blog, it is still his or her personal space. No blogger would allow any violation of this personal space even though he or she may try hard to get together the ideas of several people to get as open an opinion or as real a truth as possible.

Blogging can also be used as a means of direct communication with your peers, building a thread of conversation and an ever-valuable archive of intelligence.

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