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Saaj Gulf Cafe: Nepali Restaurant in Muscat

   Finding a Nepali restaurant in the capital city of Oman may get a little difficult but yet not impossible. Saaj Gulf Café is one of the few places where you can get Nepali dishes, which is excellent to taste and at very cheap prices.

      Initially known as Everest Café, now it is known as Saaj Gulf Café or Saaj Gulf Coffee Shop, really popular for mouth watering momos. Saaj Gulf Café is located in Ruwi and to get the direction to this restaurant, one can stop at Ruwi towards Ruwi High Street and look for Panasonic showroom. While facing towards the showroom, there is a door inwards on the left hand side and one can easily locate the momo café there.
Mouth watering steamed and fried chicken momos and Buff Sukuti

    As you enter the café, you can see a small dining area on the first floor but if you go to the top floor, there are many other tables there too, decorated with Nepal flag, posters from Nepali towns, villages and Himalayas and even a madal (Nepali drum). I myself being from a Nepali origin was really excited seeing this, as one can rarely find a place like this in Muscat.

     The prices here are really cheap. One can have a plate of chicken momos, which comes with ten pieces per plate, enough to make you full for just 1.200 Omani riyals or a fried chicken momo with 1.300 OMR. There is also options for buff or vegetarian. One can also try the Sukuti (dried meat) especially buff here. Traditional Nepali thaalis are also available here. I have been going to this places very frequently to grab a bite of some momos and these momos are made by people from Nepali giving it a very authentic delicious taste.
Great food at Saaj Gulf Cafe, Muscat. Picture: Nischal Gurung and Mark Limuel.
Great food at Saaj Gulf Cafe, Muscat.
Picture: Nischal Gurung and Mark Limuel.

     If you’re from Nepal or Nepali origin in Muscat and just a momo lover, Saaj Gulf Café is a must place to visit.


  1. I want to know the location please?

  2. The location ofbthe Nepali restaurant saaj gulf cafe in ruwi muscatbis mentioned above.. you just need to go to tuwi high street and look for yhe panasonic showroom.. once you reach the Panasonic showroom.. towards the left is a small gate to go in... just aa you go in.. yoy can see saaj gulf cafe.. formerly known as everest cafe.. nepali restaurant in oman

  3. Tried locating this place on various occasion. No luck, unfortunately

  4. My name is Sharique, I've studied in Darjeeling for 9 years. My mouth was watering after visiting this Blog, however, i could not locate the restaurant. Mr. Gurung, please could you provide any landmark other than Panasonic Showroom. I'm craving to have Nepali Food. Thanks & God bless you for your nice Blob..

  5. The only prominent landmark I can remember is the panasonic showroom. Its veryveasy to locate. While u reach ruwi round about.. go towards ruwi high street and ask anyone where the panasonic showroom in ruwi highstreet is. Anyone will be able to point you to that place. So first try lovating that place once you locate the panasonic showroom.. turning towards the showroom.. on yhr right is a small way entering the adjacent building and there is saaj gulf cafe.. nepali momo restaurant which was known as everest cafe before... if you can't find the place at all... you can try momos at hot pot restaurant in darsait.. its near kims hospital and lulu darsit... bt momos at saaj gulf cafe is better than hot pot


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