Raj’s Spanish Cafe located at Shudder Street maybe a hidden to spot but is well known to be crowded by foreign tourists as a continental junction to eat. Yes, you may have walked across Shudder Street in Kolkata numerous times but may not have seen this cafe as its located in quite a hideous place. The location of this Spanish Cafe in Calcutta is a bit different. Alongside Shudder Street filled with cheap hotels, travel agencies, cafes and fast food joints, a little gully inside leads you to a little place known as Raj’s Spanish Cafe where you may visit for something different.

Raj’s Spanish Cafe is usually filled by foreign tourists, and the wifi service that this cafe provides actually attracts people to this place. As the name suggests, Raj’s Spanish Cafe is well-known for its Spanish delicacies with other continental cuisines like Italian, Mexican and even American fast foods. Not a fine dining outlet, this junction is sort of a casual dining spot, where you catch out for a continental bite which may come at a very high price at any other continental restaurant in Kolkata. The price is pretty cheap as compared to any continental fast food hub in the city, though the place or the area in which it is located may look a little shady but for a casual dine-out at a cheap price, it is totally worth it.
When you walk in to eat here, be careful of what you order, as some of the dishes you may just hate but after I went to this cafe a number of times, I certainly liked the place and knew exactly what to order. For me, the vast range of Italian pastas, Spanish tortillas and some desserts was what I preferred plus the combo meals of burgers, drinks and French fries was actually pretty good and cheap to eat here in Kolkata. 
If you are looking for some desserts, the Spanish Caramel Flan is pretty good here plus comes at a price of just Rs. 40 which is just like 60-70 cents (USD). You could even try some lasagna which comes for just Rs. 125 or a combo meal of Chicken burger, coke and French fries which comes for just Rs. 120. There are a wide range of other menu options available so you could always walk in to this cafe while in Kolkata for a cheap snack out.